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25mm lashes: Tips to select the perfect false lashes

Announcement posted by Swim Fun 11 Sep 2021

Tips to select the perfect false lashes

These days, there are available quality false lashes in the market. Selecting the right one is sure to make your eye quite prominent. However, beginners having less knowledge are likely o find it a bit tough to select the most appropriate one. Following some expert tips on eyelash packaging will allow you to know what to select and avoid.

Tips to follow

  • Identify your eye shape: This is crucial and should not be skipped. Ensure that the product chosen matches your eye shape perfectly.
  • Choose quality lashes: You can come across wholesale eyelashes made from synthetic fur or real mink. Synthetic fur can be easily found at different online stores and made from plastic fibres. Hence, they tend to have fake appearances. Even though, they can be availed without having to spend a fortune, they are not designed to withstand rough and regular usage. On the other hand, mink lashes are made from real mink fur. Hence, they provide you with a more realistic look as well as suit perfectly your natural eye lashes. Moreover, it can be used repeatedly and regularly without any hassle. The only downside of this type of false lashes is that it is a bit costly when compared to the synthetic version. You can get quality products at reputed portals like https://www.barbaralashes.com/.
  • Practice applying the lashes: Lashes are not easy to fit and hence, does require lots of practice. Hence, you need to determine the right technique to derive the very best results. For example, se a special device, your fingers or tweezers to apply it properly. Stick to a particular method which you find comfortable. You can consult the reputed eyelash vendors to know the right way to apply them.
  • Trim lashes depending on your eye shape: You might not feel comfortable on wearing the lashes as it is when purchased. It might require some trimming based on your specific eye shape. Use scissors for trimming purpose. The reason is because all eyes are not the same in shape and size. Hence, a too long or too short one is not likely to suit the eyes. To ensure best fit, do rest the lash along lash line. Generally, the lash is to start past its inner corner slightly to ensure no irritation takes place in the eyes. Buy 25mm lashes from reputed online stores only.
  • Apply Mascara / liquid Eyeliner: Using these products is sure to help achieve that natural or dramatic look desired. Firstly, apply eyeliner to inner corner. Then apply false 25mm mink lashes followed by eyeliner application on lash band. Next apply some mascara to false lash foundation. Brush upwards without placing excessive pressure.
  • Remove carefully the lashes: Remove the lashes carefully to avoid ripping it. Before removing it, soak cotton pad in coconut oil or makeup remover and apply over the eyes for a few seconds. It will help loosen the glue, thereby peeling the lashes. To use lash again, simply remove the excess glue.

Selecting custom lash boxes is sure to provide you immense happiness and satisfaction.

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