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WATERCORE : Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Announcement posted by Watercore 12 Sep 2021

Plug and play commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems from 15 m3/day and typical feed water TDS between 1000 ppm to 6000 ppm.
Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are commonly used as filtration plants to remove dissolved molecules and ions from water by applying pressure.
Watercore BW-RO reverse osmosis plants are engineered and pre-assembled to meet a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Our systems remove 92-99.9% of suspended and dissolved solids including bacteria and viruses.
All our plants are factory tested to reduce installation, commissioning and start-up time. With simple connections and fully automated PLC control, these RO units are ready for quick on-line service.
Watercore BW-RO reverse osmosis systems are designed for process-water industries such as Power Generation, Data Centers, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical as well as commercial facilities.
Watercore provides all kinds of pre and post treatment required before and after your RO water treatment system, according to your water analysis and process requirements.
Watercore BW-RO systems include:
- 25-micron cartridge filter;
- Feed and permeate conductivity sensors
- Low-energy membranes
- Fiberglass pressure vessels
- Electronic flow meters
- Electronic pressure sensors
- Fully automatic control panel
- CIP connections
Antiscalant dosing system
- Stainless steel piping

All Watercore water treatment equipment is supplied with advanced PLC control with flow, pressure, pH and conductivity transmitters for data monitoring and MODBUS integration with BMS/SCADA.