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Local councils and community organisations are poised to create jobs in communities

Announcement posted by CreateMyJob 14 Sep 2021

Job creation is vital for local communities to survive and thrive after the easing of the pandemic restrictions.

Residents and communities can rally together and support struggling small businesses by buying local and helping local solopreneurs and even jobseekers start businesses. 

Volunteers and community interest groups can help small business owners and solopreneurs with tasks like social media marketing.

These community activities create much-needed jobs. They revive and stimulate struggling economies, businesses, and households caused by the pandemic. Job seekers in the community can also create job opportunities by networking and connecting with local businesses and employers. 

Job creation is made possible with CommunityCONNECT, a multi-language geo-location platform. This platform enables individuals and business owners to connect, buy local, and support local businesses, to help others in need, to find job opportunities, and it could be used for networking and volunteering. 

More than just a static online directory that is commonly seen, our multi-language platform empowers residents from all backgrounds and ethnicities to connect and be active in communities. 

Our real-time geo-location map can determine where and what services and products are on offer, and who is making the connection at a click of a button. It is like a business or community directory on steroids!

Local councils, community and professional organisations, business owners, job seekers, and even volunteers can use CommunityCONNECT to create and maintain their community connections and support one another to survive and thrive in challenging times that is brought about by the pandemic.

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CreateMyJob is a for-impact social enterprise born out of the need to connect and empower local communities to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world through the proactive creation of jobs.

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