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Sydney-based Author Writes Children’s Book about Social Distancing

Announcement posted by Brave Moon Publishing 14 Sep 2021

Wilbert the Wombat Social Distances Teaches Important Message During Challenging Times

Contact name: Jamie Kennedy  

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Website: www.WilbertTheWombat.com


Sydney, NSW – Who is the wombat in the mask? A new children’s book (reader’s age 5 - 10 years old) has been published in Australia and it is everything that parents have been looking for during these challenging times. Written by Sydney-based American expat Jamie Brooke, the book is told from the perspective of an illustrated wombat named Wilbert and other loveable characters Wendy the Wallaby and Ken the Kangaroo. The new ebook version launches to the public 24 September 2021.

What’s unique and special about this series is that the stories parallel challenging events happening in our world today. “I wanted to find a way to explain to children the hardships we’re all facing today while teaching empathy, sharing hope and building community along the way,” shared Jamie.

Writer and holistic health advocate Jamie Brooke originally set out to write the book as a unique birthday gift for her niece and nephew, but was later approached to publish the book as part of a series that includes Wilbert the Wombat Saves the Day.

Now with the two books published in the USA, UK and Australia, Jamie is excited to share these messages of hope and community mindset with a larger audience.

Saves the Day and Social Distances are available on Amazon and at wilbertthewombat.com. 10% of proceeds go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to rescuing and caring for Australian wildlife. For wholesale enquiries, visit Ingram or go directly through Brave Moon Publishing www.bravemoonpublishing.com

Note to the editors: Should you require additional details, please contact: press@bravemoonpublishing.com or call (61) 435 792 822

About the author, Jamie Brooke: Jamie Brooke is a storyteller, yogi, and animal lover, who believes in doing what you love and exploring what sparks your curiosity. As a kid, Jamie would spend countless hours with her teddy bears lined up in a row, reading books to what she was sure was a very captive audience. The teddy bears may have long since been donated to new homes, but Jamie’s innate love for storytelling still holds strong to this day. Now as an expert storyteller, Jamie teaches the power of story through her writings and teachings. She has a Psychology degree and is a certified yoga teacher, using her education to dive into the science and art of storytelling through visual, oral and written content. Originally from California USA, Jamie now lives in Sydney Australia with her husband Jason. She loves home-cooked meals, traveling and chocolate, naturally.


Direct Quotes from Author

“Writing has always been really important to me, and I wanted to find a way to help my niece and nephew learn what they could do to take care of themselves and others during challenging times.” 

“It’s gratifying to hear from parents saying the books have brought them and their kids joy, understanding and empathy during these challenging times. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

“I think Wilbert, in a way, represents all of us; how many of us tend to keep to ourselves, and spend a lot of our time with our immediate family and friends. But I would hope that Wilbert inspires us all, if given the chance to help our community, to also go above and beyond to help out.”

Direct Reviews

"A heart-warming story about our new favourite character, Wilbert! This book teaches the importance of taking care of yourself and others. It is a wonderful tool to help explain illnesses, and the pandemic to little ears." - Caitlyn Wallinger, Author of Mother Mule


“This book packs bright illustrations and an easy-to-follow story that kept our son engaged. The message helped us explain social distancing to him in a fun way that he could understand. I highly recommend.” – Ryan (starred review)


“Learn about Australian animals and how to be a friend and help your community, especially during tough times. Very topical, well-written and illustrated, so much to love about this charming book.” – Rosalie (starred review)