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Haus introduces range of residential stacking and sliding doors

Announcement posted by 10xGrowth 14 Sep 2021

Haus window and door experts can give you the quotes and advice you need.

Adelaide, SA – 14/09/2021 - Haus Windows & Doors provide residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors in Adelaide, making it a perfect choice for Australian consumers and developers. Their range of aluminium doors offer unique combination of strength, quality and aesthetics. 

Haus Aluminium doors supplied in Adelaide are the ideal choice for glazed openings in your house. Residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors opens to two-thirds of its width and seamlessly connect your home to outdoor open space. This type of stacking doors are available in two, three, four or six-panel configuration. These panels are accessible up to 2700mm high and 1500mm wide subject to site conditions. 

Haus Windows & Doors offer a wide range of standard colours and finish. You can also get some information about our custom alternatives and door installation provided in Adelaide to extend beyond our standard range.

Aluminium stacking doors & window ranges offered by us in Adelaide, are dependable all throughout the year regardless of any weather conditions in summer or winter. Also, you will likewise appreciate the savings on your energy costs, which is both useful for you and the concerning global climatic conditions. 

Aluminium stacker doors are a great way to create space in your home. If you are a party lover or love to invite your friends and family to your home for catch-ups, then stacking doors are the best choice. It will create more space for your guest to mingle between both indoor and outdoor. Stacking doors have a faultless design permitting accessibility and flow within the house.

What sets Haus stacking doors apart is the clean aesthetic design, effortless movement and graceful operation. 

You can genuinely feel a sense of harmony after introducing Haus’s Aluminium stacking and sliding doors at a chosen spot in your home or office space. Just let them know a particular glass type that you have in mind and they will source it for you in a greater quality and within quickest time possible.