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Rug Addiction is a Popular Resource for Quality Oversized Rugs Australia

Announcement posted by Rug Addiction 16 Sep 2021

Rug Addiction brings you meticulously crafted rugs created to enrich your space with a luxurious finish. We are home to hand-made rugs imported from Europe and Arab nations in an assortment of sizes and styles.
People purchase rugs for a variety of purposes. Tamara Thompson, owner of Rug Addiction, also knows how disparate personal preferences and tastes can be when shopping for rugs. The shop’s extensive range of rugs, shapes, styles, colors, patterns and materials has made it one of the most popular resources for rugs, runners and decorative cushions.

Customers can select from rugs in 11 different categories, with 14 color variations and combinations. Rugs encompass 7 interior design styles in 5 material compositions. Excluding runners, consumers can choose from 5 sizes. Collectively, over 1,000 different size options are available to accommodate a myriad of requirements.

The range of selections at Rug Addiction accommodates any need. Modern rugs Melbourne are stylish, add warmth to rooms, and are an affordable option for updating décor. Rugs are a practical way to reduce sound and insulate floors. They’re also beneficial for reducing slip and fall injuries and available in luxurious handmade and hand-woven styles.

Runner rugs Australia are highly sought for spacious rooms and for placing under furnishings. Rug Addiction features one of the largest selections of oversized rugs available. Rugs are stain-resistant, create a foundation of relaxed luxury, and lends sophistication to any room. Classic motifs and traditional designs have been updated to reflect today’s modern and contemporary preferences.

Rugs are more than simple floor coverings. They’re works of art in their own right and provide long-term value. The offerings at Rug Addiction reflect multiple décor styles. An additional benefit of rugs is that if individuals decide to relocate, they can simply roll up their rugs and take them to their new home.

Customers can shop Rug Addiction in person or buy floor rugs online Australia at the company’s website in synthetic, eco-friendly, and blended materials. Imported from throughout Arab nations and Europe, the rugs are highly durable and have earned a reputation for maximum quality. Payment plans are available and many of the store’s collections have been featured in multiple media outlets.

About Rug Addiction
When Tamara Thompson started Rug Addiction in 1993, she wanted to take her love for quality floor rugs and interior design and share it with the world. At Rug Addiction, we follow her philosophy so that with every piece we source through leading Australia’s importers of floor rugs, you can have a slice of her fascination at home with you. Tamara is an expert with 27 years of experience in sourcing designer rugs and the company’s brand ambassadors, Kerrie and Spence from the hit show “The Block” support our philosophies and taste for good interiors. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

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