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Announcement posted by CMY Cubes 17 Sep 2021

The CMY Cube creates an exciting world of colour for all who encounter it
The most intriguing and satisfying toy explores the worlds of subtractive colour mixing and physics with its ever-changing spectrum of colours
SYDNEY, Australia (September 17, 2021)—An intriguing new toy is taking the market by storm thanks to the hours of curiosity and enjoyment it brings to kids and adults alike. The CMY Cube explores colour subtraction, optics, and physics in a simple yet compelling way and has garnered rave reviews as both a toy for people of all ages or an interesting conversation piece as part of the decor in the office or at home.
CMY Cubes launched their trademark cube and polyhedron-shaped objects in September 2020 and has seen an impressive demand for their products. Since its launch, CMY Cubes has increased its revenue by 1200%, demonstrating the public’s fascination with this magical object.
Each face of CMY's cubes and polyhedrons is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials, which at first appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. As users move the object about and manipulate it into various shapes, new colour combinations appear, allowing users to explore the magic of optics, light, and physics at play in real time. The vast number of colour changes and possibilities have proved to be captivating, delivering endless enjoyment for those engaging with the toy.
The CMY Cubes is the first product of its kind and has caught the attention of a vast market of consumers, making it a timeless toy that knows no bounds when it comes to age or interests. From kids to adults, hobbyists and teachers, and people with learning difficulties, CMY Cubes are an intriguing and beautiful gift any recipient will enjoy.
"Our goal is to be a household name across the world and to have everyone from kids to gen pop, hobbyists, educators and people with developmental disabilities to find inspiration from the beauty of subtractive colour mixing,” said Enzo Gonzalez, CMY Cubes co-founder and product engineer.
In creating each of the brand’s solid shapes, product developers looked to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Greeks, landing on products crafted in the shape of the five Platonic solids. These shapes, Greek thinkers claimed, make up the core patterns of all physical creation.
In addition to The Original Cube and Cube Stand, four other product offerings are currently available in CMY’s lineup. They include The Aether, The Cube Presence, The Mundus, and The Collectors Pack, featuring three of the Platonic solids in original or mini sizes. Additional products are forthcoming in early October, including The Motus, The Ignis, and The Ultimate Pack, which features all five Platonic solids.
For those looking to become a brand ambassador for CMY Cubes, the company offers an affiliate program. Affiliates can earn commissions for advertising CMY Cubes' products and making successful referrals that result in purchases.
To learn more about CMY Cubes and to purchase the most interesting and satisfying toy on the market, visit https://cmycubes.com/.

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