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Be Podiatry Remedies Biomechanical Dysfunction, Improves Sports Performance

Announcement posted by Options Communication Therapy & Training Centre Pty Ltd 20 Sep 2021

We are a progressive podiatry clinic that invests in modern technologies to ensure we are able to offer tailored management/treatment plans to get our patients back to what they love doing.
It’s a common myth that only seniors need podiatry services. The professionals at Be Podiatry treat an extensive range of injuries and dysfunction that arise from foot and ankle conditions for people of all ages. Even infants can develop foot-related problems.

There are dozens of myths surrounding foot and ankle care that actually place people at risk. It’s possible for individuals to have a fractured foot and not even realize it. There are 26 bones in the human foot and 30 joints, combined with more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. They all work together, providing individuals with mobility and balance. The feet support the entire weight of the body.

The podiatrist Bundoora utilizes state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. The practice has solutions for those participating in team sports, solitary sports endeavors, and extreme sports pursuits. Treatments are designed to heal, mitigate pain, rehabilitate, and return individuals to their normal range of activities as quickly as possible.

A great number of people have developed improper movement patterns. Watsonia podiatry provides technologically advanced running assessments that identifies movement patterns within the body that can cause pain and interfere with mobility. A running assessment can detect problems ranging from poor foot posture to a lack of muscle strength. Gait retraining is available that alters biomechanical problems to alleviate pain, improve performance, and reduce the potential for injuries.

The care provided at Be Podiatry includes individualized treatment and management plans for the best long-term results. The professionals can provide recommendations for the proper footwear for specific activities and provide a variety of orthopedic therapies to strengthen and rehabilitate. The therapies are equally beneficial prior to – and after – surgery.

The human foot is a wonder of biomechanical engineering. When running or jogging, the force of impact on the foot is up to three times an individual’s weight. Anyone searching online for a “podiatrist near me” will discover that Be Podiatry has distinguished itself for effective treatments and has earned a reputation for successfully addressing all aspects of foot and ankle-related problems.

About Be Podiatry
The team at Be Podiatry take great pride in our individualised approach to healthcare, curating a management plan that addresses the specific needs of you as the patient. We take into account factors such as activity level, health goals and the specific needs of our patients to deliver a high-level service within Greensborough and the wider community. Our goal is to keep people happy and healthy with regard to foot health and general well-being, with a compassionate approach to assessing, managing and educating on a range of health concerns.

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