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Proptech Start-up Yabonza on a rapid growth path with new acquisitions

Announcement posted by yabonza 21 Sep 2021

The new Yabonza Rent Roll Fund will be used to fuel growth and consolidate the market

Dateline: Sydney, NSW, 20th Sept

Yabonza has secured its first major Rent Roll acquisition, laying the foundation to acquire 5000 properties by early 2022.

The new investor fund has raised 9.5m in the first series of capital and then has a mandate to provide subsequent funding on a healthy pipeline of rent rolls paving the way for Yabonza to become one of the largest Residential Real estate groups in 2022. 

Yabonza will leverage capital from the Yabonza Rent Roll Fund to execute on its pipeline of acquisitions to supercharge growth in a market that has traditionally been slow and expensive to gain traction. 

Yabonza is tapping into strong tailwinds of profitability pressure on legacy real estate businesses, a low yield environment and high demand for asset backed yield products; and strong demand from consumers for technology enabled experiences. 

Gary Flowers, Chairman of Yabonza says;

“The fund offers a great investor yield in its own right, and at the same time it’s a great story for the real estate industry too. Offering an exit strategy to agents to further consolidate the market. The growth for Yabonza from here is only going to be exponential’


Mark Trowell CEO of yabonza says

This is an exciting direction for us. Covid caused a number of funding channels to dry up for a lot of start-ups in 2020. With this change in direction and with the launch of the Yabonza Rent Roll Fund, it has allowed us to really super charge our growth plans and focus on our product offering to our customers’


Yabonza is a high growth and high scale proptech business designed to revolutionize the residential property management industry.

Yabonza is consolidating a large number of highly fragmented and inefficient legacy rent roll assets through a yield fund and utilising a unique proprietary technology platform and service delivery model to drive efficiency and a better experience for all stakeholders in residential property management.


The Yabonza Technology Platform and business model has been built and tested over the past 5 years with properties under management. 

Established and proven business model servicing properties throughout 200 plus suburbs across all states and territories in Australia. 

Property owners (landlords) access their dedicated Asset Manager available to support their property portfolio and maximize value on their assets through income, growth, and opportunities to capitalize on the market.

With premium property services accessible for every owner and every tenant, Yabonza means better investment property.