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Media Release: Qube calls on the MUA to Allow the Independent Arbitrator to Settle the Dispute

Announcement posted by Qube 14 Oct 2021

Qube today called on the MUA to allow the Fair Work Commission to independently arbitrate to bring to an end the long-running Fremantle ports dispute.


Michael Sousa, Director Qube Ports said, “Qube calls on the MUA to allow for the Fair Work Commission to bring this dispute to an end through independent arbitration. We welcome the independent arbitration of this matter and call on the MUA to agree to let the Commission decide.”


Meanwhile, Qube has continued to bargain with the MUA as late as yesterday afternoon with a follow-on meeting already booked for Friday morning.


“The talk that Qube is refusing to bargain is absolute lies from the MUA. Another bargaining meeting was held with the MUA yesterday afternoon and a follow up meeting is already arranged for tomorrow at 10am,” Michael Sousa said.


“The reality is that we have held over 25 meetings with the MUA regarding this negotiation and the MUA refuse to reduce their claims.


“If we were to accept their claims, the impact to our business would be an unviable 77% increase in operational costs which is just not realistic.”


Qube reached a national agreement with the MUA in August 2020.  The rostering times have been in place for than 20 years and have been agreed to by the MUA at 25 out of their 26 port operations throughout Australia.


The MUA Fremantle has refused to accept the national agreement and instead chosen to pursue industrial action. The current agreement provides employees with significant above award remuneration and conditions that align with the requirements of the sector.


A Qube port worker in Fremantle today is one of the highest paid workers in Australia.


Full time employees working for Qube in Fremantle earn on average $139,500 per annum for 169 days of work.


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