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The power of consumer psychology in Superannuation CX programs: CSBA Super Forum

Announcement posted by CSBA 19 Oct 2021

Dr Damian Cotchett to present an outstanding international bank case study

Building a Customer Experience program from scratch


Difficult and Expensive. That is what most organisations believe when thinking about building a customer experience program. 

Not true. In fact, a CX program can go operational in four weeks, says Dr Damain Cotchett.  And results can kick in within months from implementation. 

“It’s about being agile. Once you have a clear path, it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can build on what you have,” explains Damian.

At the CSBA Superannuation CX Forum on 22 October, Damian will share the critical building blocks to create an impactful Customer Experience program:

  • Get clarity – understand organisational vision
  • Set the scene – establish tangible goals to get buy-in
  • Stand up the customer journeys – create blueprints of CX delivery
  • Track data – measure by using various data sources
  • Communicate results – cascade the impact through your organisation

More details: Superannuation CX Forum 2021 | CSBA

NOTE: The event is reserved only for professionals in the Superannuation industry including member experience managers, member engagement managers, insights managers, operations managers, and those responsible for retention, strategy, brand, marketing and communications, member services, business performance, compliance, and other departments.  

Dr Damian Cotchett

Consumer Psychologist

Damian is an expert in business transformation and cultural change, using robust customer experience approaches to deliver impressive business performance results. He has worked with organisations globally in both the private and public sectors and has vast experience in driving CX methodologies that include design thinking, customer impact assessments, and metrics-driven solutions.




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