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10 out of 10 for Mental Health

"Value, Identity and Purpose; in the mirror, at home, at work and in the world," Dion Jensen writes in his latest book ‘The VIP of Mental Health.’ And Dion knows what he is talking about. He wrote the worlds-first GOOD NEWS book about PTSD...Good news about PTSD? Absolutely. And that sums up our clients at Cindication, they challenge the status quo and offer actual solutions.


This Thursday, (10/10) sees World Mental Health Day and the beginning of Mental Health Week (Oct 6-11). 


Whether they are a global sensation like Dion Jensen, sharing his message as an inspirational author speaker and trainer, or a community superstar like I CAN Network, we have over 30 clients that are offering their advice and services for the upcoming Week. 


At present there are two main doorways with regards to mental health: 

1. The medical model with definitions found from the World Health Organization (W.H.O);

2. Whatever definition YOU choose, in order to make sense of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This is an alternate pathway that includes culture, spirituality, energy, nature etc.

Our clients offer a third option: a combination of both doorways with their personal stories the most powerful piece. 

Our authors cover subjects such as PTSD, Suicide Prevention and overcoming trauma and although they are all individual clients, they all have the same shared vision for mental health week: Mental Health is positive.

Check out our client page to book any of our people to come and speak, train or just inspire your people and show that you care during mental health week.


Here’s some real-life examples:

All of the clients at Cindication express a desire to help improve the lives and mental health of others. As I walk into my clients personal training space, Yowza Wellbeing, there is a picture of Ganesha on the wall but always present is the rat - to remind us all that we all have challenges in our beauty to overcome. They view health in a holistic way and not just one component (such as physical training) in isolation to the others. They are active in public speaking and community involvement, running popular programs such as surfing groups for men and women (for physical and emotional health) and regularly participate in local events for suicide prevention and mental health.

The ever present and passionate tradie, Jeremy Forbes, turned charity HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies) Founder, traverses his way across the country talking about how to have the real conversations about suicide with a focus on tradies, farmers and miners. "Are you okay mate?" one may enquire, but when the answer is "NO", what do you say next? He famously talks about this in his TED Talk - "How to start a conversation about suicide" and how one can help our much-valued members of the community. 

Then you have PALC (Progress Ahead Life Coaching) that is led by Kym Turale with over 30-years-experience in emergency services undertaking front line and welfare capacity positions. After all, who looks after the ones that look after us? Kym, spends his spare time working with clients, particularly young men helping them to realign their mindset and life perspective after a number of challenges early on in life. 

"There is a huge gap between the expectation of young men when they finish school and then enter into the work force, and we are seeing significant mental health issues in this space as a result," said Kym. However, these aren't his only clients, he regularly sees a discord of women also who are feeling the challenges of finding confidence under a plethora of circumstances.

Community Superstars like I CAN Network - helping thousands of youth on the Autism Spectrum being mentored and gain confidence to have the positive mindset of "I CAN" offering career pathways for organisations such as ANZ with their inclusion 'Spectrum Program'.

Parents Beyond BreakUp are a specialised suicide prevention charity, each year helping thousands of parents deal with the trauma of separation; a major cause of suicide in Australia. They focus on separating men in particular, as they make up one of the largest definable groups who take their lives each year. Their ethos that every child deserves the best possible start in life, so that involves keeping separated dads alive and in their kids lives. Mums too. 

Cindication's charity, Pencils Community has long worked in the space of community and mental health, developing the concept that it isn't just about the disadvantaged or impoverished children on the other end receiving pencils. It’s also the person giving them, with the 'act of giving going both ways'. Many programs have arisen from this space, some involving solution pathways for frontline personnel suffering PTSD. 

Oh, and here is a gift: Global Sensation Dion Jensen has both his clinically endorsed books available as eBooks for FREE. Contact Cindication to get your copy.



If you would like to interview any of our clients please contact Cindy Rochstein – 0437 094 049 or Melissa Coleman - 0409 002 088 or for more on Cindication, email: cindy@cindication.com / www.cindication.com

Cindication has over 20+ years of experience in PR & Communications and has worked with charities including Suicide Prevention, Education, Sustainability and Humanitarian Charities, Health and Wellness and PTSD. Working with large complex global businesses, Cindication provides media suite services for global and national business professionals as well as advocacy for Humanitarian groups helping them embrace the concept of everyone has a message to share. #SmallPeopleBigVoices.