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5 ways buyers can make the most of their open home experience

Vendors, agents and stylists generally spend the most time preparing their home or the client’s home for sale. Adrian Wilson, Founder and Principal of Ayre Real Estate, however, suggests that buyers should also do their homework prior to inspection, to get the most out of the viewing.

Adrian Wilson, Founder and Principal of Ayre Real Estate says, “There has been a lot of change in the real estate industry over the past few months due to Covid-19, and I believe it’s left some confusion amongst buyers around what’s ok and what isn’t. With open homes and group auctions well and truly now back in full swing, I wanted to share some tips and advice to buyers on how they can best prepare for viewing their potential new home or investment.”

Adrian’s 5 tips for potential buyers include:
1. Celebrate the open house: Group open inspections are way easier than chasing a whole bunch of agents and trying to co-ordinate times, especially if there is more than one property you plan on inspecting.
2. Arrive early: Always arrive at the start of the open house, that way you maximise your time at the property and ensure you can get in quickly, especially if there’s a large crowd and the agent has to limit the number of people at any one time.
3. BYO Covid-19 gear: Whilst agents will be providing hand sanitiser and usually tissues, it’s best to bring your own gloves, masks and any other safety gear you feel is appropriate.
4. Give the agent your full and correct details: This is a non-negotiable requirement for accessing the property.
5. Enjoy the auction process: Online auctions have their benefits, but being there in person and reading the crowd can give you a much better sense of how to implement your bidding strategy. Not to mention avoiding tech issues!

“Although many enjoyed the one-on-one experience that Covid-19 temporarily brought, I’m personally really happy that we are able to conduct opens homes again in a safe and considerate manner. After seeing the difference, I believe that it’s the best way for buyers to view a property and for vendors to have their property viewed.

“Buyers are able to get a better sense of the market competition and to see and hear what other buyers are saying about properties, gauging the enthusiasm and energy around a particular property, as well as be able to read the crowd more easily at auctions,” said Adrian.

About Ayre Real Estate:
Ayre Real Estate has been founded by multi-award-winning Real Estate Agent, Adrian Wilson, a pioneer in the Sydney City apartment market with nearly 20 years’ experience and perhaps one of the most strategic thought leaders in the industry. The Sydney City apartment specialists deliver apartment focused services that are smarter and simpler, yet deliver beyond expectations for both owners and landlords while elevating the lives of the clients and communities they work in. ayre.com.au