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A primary school student designs a gadget to save lives during COVID19.

Yegor is a primary school aged student and thinks his digital safe distance gadget may help many people and organisations decrease the spread of covid-19.

As many kids these days, he is very concerned with a situation around virus and its impact on daily lives. Yegor is passionate about science and technology. After carefully examining what could be done to improve the situation covid spread, Yegor decided that keeping a safe distance is one of the most critical aspects impacting the transmission of the virus. He has designed and programmed a mobile device that allows to identify the distance between people in real time and notify them when the distance safe or not safe. Yegor will be presenting his innovation at the Young ICT Explorers competition this year. He hopes his innovation can be scaled up and will save thousands of lives.


More details and videos: https://thinklum.com/pages/young-ict-explorers-covid-safety-distance-gadget-project-on-microbit