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Accent Home Care Packages Can Be Customised for Your Needs

Accent Home Care is a division of TTHA which focuses on providing elderly home care services. Different home care packages cater to the specific needs of their clients with elderly support groups designed to meet their social needs.

Elderly clients who want to remain in their own home for as long as they can will find services from Accent Home Care meeting their requirements. Accent Home Care, a division of Tabulam & Tembler Homes (TTHA), provides quality care at home, catering to clients of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Accent Home Care allows their clients to remain in their own home, while the company provide assistance with day to day activities that they can no longer do alone. Home Care Packages are delivered under the Consumer Directed Care model, allowing these clients to have flexibility with the types of services they wish to receive. Depending on their individual needs, they may be eligible for a level one, two, three or four package.

As a part of Accent Home Care there are four levels of home care packages available dependent on the individual’s situation. The difference between each package is the amount of funding allocated based on the level of care, level 1 being the lowest and level 4 the highest. In order to be eligible for a government funded home care package, clients should contact My Aged Care and request an assessment. Accent Home Care also offers home care via private agreement.

As part of the process, the company assigns their clients care advisors to work out needs and goals, so that a personalised care plan can be devised. Accent Home Care allows the elderly to remain in the homes and communities that they love, as they age, while receiving the assistance they may need day to day.

The company understands that as their clients get older, things begin to change, and some of the daily tasks may become a little more difficult to do alone. However, it doesn't mean these clients have to give up their independence completely. Accent Home Care staff work with their clients to understand care options, providing confident advice and support so they can enjoy living independently at home.

For more information on this service, visit https://accenthomecare.org.au/ or contact Accent Home Care on 03 8720 1338 or homecare@accenthomecare.org.au .