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ACS Releases New Course- Telephone and Online Counselling

ACS Distance Education have just written and released a new 20-hour course in Telephone and Online Counselling.

Increasingly, communication is conducted online and via the telephone.  People may be dealing with difficult customers, people who are in distress or stressed.

We have developed a brand-new course to train people in how to deal with supporting clients or customers who are experiencing difficulties.

Our new Telephone and Online Counselling course will help students to develop their skills in:

·         Dealing ethically with people in distress.

·         Dealing with difficult customers and clients.

·         Listening and paying attention.

·         Good communication online and by telephone.

The great thing about studying our short 20-hour courses is that you can work through them at your own pace and put as much or as little as you feel you need to make the most of your studies. There are many opportunities to do extra studies to delve deeper into the topic if you need to. Upon completion of this course, you would be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Learn more about this course: