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Adstream acquisition of dubsat completed today

Adstream, the leading global provider of creative asset management, delivery and analytics technology company, today confirmed it has completed the aquisition of   Dubsat, an Omnilab Media company.


Dubsat is an advertising content management and distribution company operating in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. With the acquisition, Dubsat joins Adstream’s global team that operates across 30 countries.


We are thrilled that the final stages of the sale are now complete and are looking forward to continuing to drive innovation and customer service excellence worldwide with the Dubsat team.


“The purchase is part of our ongoing investment in driving global scale for our platform and our customers. We are now the world’s leading ad workflow management and cross-media distribution provider, with over 500 employees and offices in 30 countries worldwide.” said Adstream Australasian Managing Director Geoff Hoffmann.


About Adstream

Adstream is a global advertising technology and services provider, helping brands and agencies to manage the creation, optimization, storage and delivery of content. The Adstream platform is the first all-in-one digital asset management solution to be connected to broadcasters, publishers and online services, enabling seamless workflows and unparalleled advertising and marketing transparency. Headquartered in London, Adstream works with over 6,000 global agencies and brands managing over 25 million creative assets across 125 countries. For more information, visit www.adstream.com.




About Dubsat

Dubsat is an international service provider offering media advertising and entertainment content to television stations, radio stations, outdoor digital display networks, magazine and newspaper publishers, and online publishers. Dubsat’s cutting-edge software and cloud services are closely integrated with its dedicated and ever-expanding international distribution network, helping advertisers meet any media schedule deadline. Dubsat’s services include Adsend, a global press and digital advertising management and aggregated distribution platform for advertisers and publishers, and MediaPro, the aggregated cloud solution for the order management and delivery of broadcast content. The company has offices located in New York, London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Johannesburg. http://www.dubsat.com