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With more than 50 per cent of after-hours medical call-outs in Brisbane relating to flu, House Call Doctor has issued a plea to those who are unwell to stay at home from the Ekka.


House Call Doctor witnessed flu numbers spike at the end of July with a 20 per cent increase in patients with flu-like symptoms across Brisbane, and flu cases currently account for more than half of patients who contact the service of a night time or on weekends.


More than 400,000 people are expected to attend the The Royal Queensland Show over the next 10 days, and House Call Doctor Chief Executive Officer Wayne Ormond warned locals of the contagious nature of flu.


“We know going to the Ekka is an incredibly fun day out but we’re urging people who don’t feel 100 per cent to stay home to stop the spread of flu,” Mr Ormond said.


“With night-time temperatures expected to drop to just six degrees by early next week, we urge those planning to attend to pack appropriate items for their trip so that they stay healthy.


“Bring warm clothing for the fireworks, take your own water bottle, pack hand sanitiser and remember to regularly wash your hands, particularly after going on rides or touching animals.”


House Call Doctor’s Dr Ryan Harvey said flu levels in Brisbane were steadily rising as we enter the worst of the flu season.


“The influenza virus is an airborne illness passed on when people typically cough and release small droplets into the air containing the virus which land on people or surfaces,” Dr Harvey said.


“Crowded places like the Ekka are ideal locations to pass on the flu as many people are in close proximity. The flu can affect people differently and may take sufferers up to two weeks to fully recover.”


House Call Doctor is Queensland’s largest after-hours medical service.