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Ahead of Tokyo, top Aussie Olympic athletes unite to deliver one-on-one online sports coaching for all

Lauren Jackson, Kerri Pottharst, Sharni Williams, Daniel Kowalski and Matthew Mitcham are just some of the Olympic legends inspiring Australia’s athletes of the future through SLOCOACH

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Sydney, 12 July 2021: Aspiring athletes chasing Olympic dreams can now access one-on-one coaching with the world’s best sports stars and Olympians via Australian developed online platform, SLOCOACH.

SLOCOACH uses revolutionary, user-friendly tech to deliver tailored feedback from some of the most recognisable faces in sport.

The online coaching platform suits seasoned athletes and beginners alike. Via the SLOCOACH website, recruits choose their coach and upload a video of themselves playing or practicing a certain technique. They then receive a personalised video response from their coach, known as a ‘session’, where they share specific pointers and tips on how to step up their game.

Tailored coaching across several Olympics sports is on offer with Sally Pearson (athletics), Kerri Pottharst (volleyball), Sharni Williams and Evania Pelite, (Rugby), Lauren Jackson (basketball), Daniel Kowalski (swimming), Matthew Mitcham (diving), Jo Brigden-Jones (kayaking), and Andrew Palfrey (sailing) among the Olympic legends available for coaching sessions.

The debut of skateboarding and surfing at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games has prompted internationally renowned Australian skateboarder and first-time Olympic athlete, Tommy Fynn, and professional women’s surfer, Laura Enever, to jump on board with SLOCOACH. Tommy and Laura share their experience and advice during one-on-one sessions to help Australia’s next generation of street skaters and surfers achieve their best.

The epitome of dedication, drive, and passion, Olympic athletes inspire seven in ten Australians.[1] Across the country, 7.8 million adults and 2.9 million children participate in ‘organised’ Olympic sport.[2]

However, a decline in sports participation during COVID-19 reveals that 30% of parents are concerned about the impact that shutdowns have had on their child’s fitness and skills.

Born during the global pandemic, SLOCOACH offers a COVID-safe option for players of all ages and all abilities to access top-quality coaching. All year round and at a time that suits them, players can continue to progress their sporting skills and performance with advice from Australia’s best sportspeople.

“It’s no surprise that one of the top three reasons for dropping out of a sport or hobby is failure to see progress, which is an especially real threat during the pandemic as access to top-level coaching is less available,” says SLOCOACH founder, Luke Jecks.

“Our mission is to help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities not to just ‘stick at it’ but thrive at doing the things they love. With access to world-class coaches and completely personalised sessions, SLOCOACH offers an experience completely unique to you and has a coach on hand to help, whatever your goals may be,” said Jecks.



SLOCOACH is a digital start-up platform founded by Luke Jecks, Luke Holmes and Derek Hardy, revolutionising the world of online coaching – including sports coaching in Australia and the arts sector in the UK. Using new, cutting-edge technology, SLOCOACH connects recruits to world class coaches via one-on-one video coaching ‘sessions’, providing them with personalised feedback on their technique and performance. Founded in May 2020, the platform has over 70 coaches available to help share their experiences to help recruits thrive at doing what they love and become their best.


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