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All-Girls Travel Group Of Blue Mango Gathers Momentum

The LadyBirds - a first-of-its kind all-girls tour group formed by Blue Mango Travels - is rapidly scaling the popularity charts among travel-loving females from Kolkata and beyond.

The LadyBirds, the all-girls’ travel group of Blue Mango Travels, is fast gaining in popularity among female travel lovers in Kolkata. The group completed 7 trips to different parts of India last year - and will be heading to many more interesting destinations in 2016.

The Blue Mango team can take heart from the fact that ladies of practically all ages are expressing interest to join the The LadyBirds. College-students have patronized the group in a big way - since the group promises trips to lovely places across the country, at times that are convenient to them, with their group of friends. Requesting anonymity, a second-year student from a leading city college said that The LadyBirds has made it a lot simpler for her to get permissions from her parents for going on vacations and tours. Indeed, Blue Mango, with its commitment towards excellence in travel services, has been able to win over the trust of moms and dads across the city.

The elders have also liked the concept of a an all-girls travel group in Kolkata - the first of its kind in Kolkata - wholeheartedly. A housewife from South Kolkata, who recently went on a Sikkim trek with The LadyBirds, gushed about how well-organized the trip was, and the sheer professionalism with which everything was arranged - right from ticketing, accommodation and food, to sightseeing and other travel-related stuff. Another lady revealed that she had signed up alone for a Darjeeling trip in September, only to find that a classmate of hers was also present in the tour-party. The two friends met after more than 12 years - and they thank The LadyBirds for this unexpected reunion!

The special tour plans of Blue Mango for elderly travelers in Kolkata have also come in for high praise. Last year, The LadyBirds had organized 4 trips to famous religious destinations across the country, along with several inter-city temple tours. According to the head of Blue Mango Travels, age should never come across as a barrier for ardent travel-lovers. The travel operators in Kolkata even has special provisions for travelers with disabilities. Something for every lady who loves to go out and about - that’s what The LadyBirds promises.

In the coming months, Blue Mango Travels plans to launch international travel plans for its all-girls’ travel group. New Zealand, South Africa and United Arab Emirates have been identified as the three countries where The LadyBirds will head to, in the first half of 2016. A well-placed source from Blue Mango revealed that the company has already received queries and requests for travel packages from Kolkata to Dubai and Bangkok. Since the company representatives take up the responsibility of arranging passports and visas for travelers, that won’t be a problem either.

The pocket-friendly rates charged by these tour operators in Kolkata have also contributed towards the popularity of The LadyBirds. During a recent survey at a leading college, the verdict among travel-lovers (students and teachers alike) was unanimous - by joining The LadyBirds, they have managed to go to lovely, exotic travel destinations across India without ever having to bear exorbitant expenses. Clearly, the Blue Mango team is attempting to dispel the myth that ‘travel is always expensive’.

With The LadyBirds growing in stature, fresh challenges are also cropping up - and the travel planner company is fully aware of that. For each trip, a couple of knowledgeable guides are provided, to avoid on-the-road hassles and confusions. Safety of the lady travelers is also given due importance. Adventure travel is something that the all-girls’ group plans to get into in a big way in 2016, and the chief of Blue Mango Travels has promised that all types of safety precautions will be arranged for such outings.

From office picnics and corporate tours, to weekend getaways and longer trips - The LadyBirds has opened up an exciting array of travel opportunities for the ladies of Kolkata. Interestingly, travel-enthusiasts from other parts of West Bengal have also started to request membership of The LadyBirds group. Clearly, this is one tourism group that has lived up to expectations and captured the imagination of everyone.

To become a member of The LadyBirds (or inquire for travel packages from Blue Mango), dial 9088991177/9007824152. Visit https://www.facebook.com/BlueMangoTravels for regular updates and snapshots about the trips that the Kolkata-based travel company organizes. It remains to be seen how successful the all girls’ travel group of Blue Mango Travels is in 2016, but it certainly has all the early momentum.