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APS Webinar Series and Online Training

Over the last couple of months, and over the upcoming months, we continue our push to use more on-line interaction with our clients via our APS Webinar Series.

The Webinar Series is a combination of free demonstration webinars for information purposes and chargeable training sessions whereby you can have multiple people in your office join us for an online training session. As we use this technology more and more the feedback from clients is very positive.

QuickBooks Online webinars

Most recently, during July and August we ran a series of webinars on our QuickBooks Online application. There has been a fantastic response to QuickBooks Online with over 5,000 users already using this technology. Greg Deacon our QB Enterprise Sales Manager has been running these sessions and every participant so far has taken up the offer of a free trial for 3 of their clients. The beauty with QuickBooks Online is that it easily allows you to work on your clients' data files in a live environment, taking away the hassle of clients sending in their data files and always wondering who has the latest copy or having to work with multiple versions of QuickBooks - as QB online is upgraded automatically for all users. Greg will continue with more of these informative webinars over the coming weeks so please look out for an invite soon.

Desktop Super webinars

On top of this we have recently conducted a series of Desktop Super update and training sessions online. Participation has been fantastic with over 174 participants joining in for this training and feedback from clients has been very positive. In early September we sent out additional invitations to our XPA 2010 online training series for staff who would benefit from some assistance in deploying these updates.

We will continue to run both free information sessions as well as training sessions online over the coming months.