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As Budget Cuts Strike Australian Research, A New Start-up called ‘LabFriend’ Helps Scientists Still Get Results

An Online Startup called LabFriend helps Aussie Scientists Save more

Labfriend, a new Australian online start up offering high quality laboratory equipment is changing the buying habits of scientists and turning an industry on its head. A Finalist in the ‘Best New Start-Up 2014’ awarded by StartUp Smart Australia, and nominee for Telstra Business Awards 2014, Labfriend is helping scientists stay within thier budget and deliver results.

Sydney, NSW, Australia June 6, 2014 - Labfriend has drawn industry attention due the significant cost reductions on previously expensive laboratory equipment. At a time when Federal Budget cuts loom large and appear set to directly target Australia’s premier research institutes including the CSIRO, the timely entry of Labfriend into the Australian scientific marketplace has been well received.

“Australian scientists compete globally to deliver results, but are working against  shrinking budgets and restricted access to funding. The costs of conducting research in Australia and the resources required are huge, and the pressure on Australian scientists to deliver results is greater than ever. Labfriend developed out of a need to tackle these issues and in doing so, we have changed the way the marketplace for lab equipment operates and thinks” said Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of Labfriend.

Labfriend says it now has over 360 brands and 30,000 products available for sale online. All of the products display live prices and stock availability without requiring visitors to register. Scientists who visit Labfriend, can compare pricing and request instant formal quotes through the website without having to pick up the phone. Researchers can also consult with Labfriends customer service team online with their LiveChat feature. “Requesting & receiving your formal quote takes less than 5 seconds” says Wyzenbeek.  To keep their prices low, Labfriend developed a complex web automation process that links their website directly to overseas suppliers. Other automated steps throughout the business help keep costs low in an effort to pass the savings through to the research institutes.

"We want Information and control to be in the hands of the user wherever possible", says Wyzenbeek. 'time spent trying to chase quotes and pricing could be time better spent trying to get results".  LabFriend’s lean business model has been very effective in reducing the cost of quality laboratory equipment and supplies.

To date, over 2000 orders have been placed online with Labfriend, who are also planning to launch a new website in New Zealand plus other markets before the end of the year.

By creating not only a local but cheaper alternative for quality equipment, Australian researchers are provided more choice when thee are working not only achieve results but also to stay within budget. The ability to visit Labfriend, view prices and place orders in seconds without disrupting daily work is just one of the many benefits this new Start-up is providing the market. Labfriend plans to introduce more new features and cost saving practices in the near future so that even with the looming Federal Budget cuts to Australian Research organisations, the impact upon actual research can be reduced. 

To learn more about Labfriend, visit www.labfriend.com.au

About LabFriend Pty Ltd

Labfriend was founded in 2013 as an alternative to traditional bricks and mortar distributors with the aim of developing an online platform that could deliver the world’s leading quality brands of scientific equipment at a lower price. LabFriend is an Australian owned organisation, with head office located in Sydney Australia.