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Attention to Detail is Critical When Theming Your Event

Phenomenon Creative Event Services shares why attention to detail is essential in making an event unforgettable, making a lasting impression on the guests.

Perth, WA, October 28, 2013 – Whilst large, memorable props and customised pieces have a powerful impact, especially in a ballroom of 1200 excited guests, it’s important not to overlook the little things that can be equally as important, say the staff at Phenomenon Creative Event Services, Perth’s premier event theming and styling company.

“Creating a lasting impression on your guests is vital to ensuring repeat customers and such impressions are built on a solid foundation of customer service excellence and our superb attention to detail” says Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon.

Customer retention and loyalty are dependent on the impact that the event has on every single guest in attendance. Phenomenon believes “everything is an experience” and that when it comes to event theming and styling, the clientele deserve only the very best experience.

The big picture needs to be considered before the minute details, Donald says. When clients have the task of embarking on a major, complex event, “it’s worth considering appointing a capable event services company who has experience creating and producing such large-scale events. Once the client has briefed us on their overall requirements, that’s when we go into planning overdrive to bring their vision to life,” she says.

Once the basic concept is created, the smaller details can then be fine-tuned. ‘Seeing’ the overall vision of the event through others’ eyes will help square up the ‘small stuff.’  The venue, furniture, lighting, music, entertainment, catering, props and decor are all important in making the right impression.

Managing guests’ expectations is crucial to any event’s success. This is where the most creative and forward-thinking event stylists and producers shine. Depending on the type of event, where or when it’s held and the crowd demographic, little things can make all the difference!

Paul Cumming, Director of Phenomenon, says “It takes more than a sit down meal, a band and farewell to engage an audience these days. Now, it's all about providing an unforgettable experience”.
Think of unique ways to present the menu and work with your venue to make the food more of a culinary experience for guests rather than just a necessity – serve canapés in glass baubles hanging delicately from illuminated trees around the room or create a homely garden bed for a springtime theme that resembles rows from a veggie patch; build interactive food stations that complement the theme/style (ie Oriental theme - make your own sushi); or think healthy – offer healthy juice blends as opposed to cocktails!
Many events are incorporating chill-out zones, funky bar areas, and interactive entertainment such as casino tables to embody a Vegas theme or a mechanical bull for a Wild West event. All of these ideas encourage guest interaction and make for a memorable experience.
In terms of new creative technologies, projection mapping is a definite game changer. It involves projecting static or moving imagery onto props, trees, buildings and set pieces in order to literally bringing them to life. This exciting technology will completely transform the look and feel of almost any event to ensure that the theme inspires the desired emotion. “We work harmoniously with only the very best Audio Visual and Lighting companies in Perth to bring this magic to life”  says Cumming.
Aside from projection mapping, popular trends in event styling for 2013 include funky chevron patterning, geometrical shapes with stark monochrome colouring and eclectic furniture such as wooden tables, fabric bunting and Hessian table runners.
Of course, music, dance routines, entertainers, roaming actors and photographers will always be incredibly important and powerful but think about new ways to present their talents and utilise your chosen venue in a way that will provide the most impact.

“Guests need to feel totally immersed in the theme, style and story of your event” says Cumming.
Phenomenon believes that theming and styling is at the heart of the event management process. Donald adds, “Even if you decide on going minimalistic, having props and subtle styling elements that complement the overall theme can make all the difference.”

Donald stresses that “hiring a professional event production team who has a solid reputation and eye for detail will guarantee a truly unforgettable experience for your guests, making them want to come back year after year.”

With 24 years of event styling experience, supported by an overflowing warehouse of furniture, styling elements and props, the team of event specialists at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth will work strategically with you to transform any space into something truly extraordinary!

Visit their web site at http://www.phenomenon.com.au/ or phone them on 1300 33 9000.