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Aussie company Tuned Global announces new partnership with TrackDrip to bring music streaming service to the Caribbean and Latin America

Tuned Global’s turnkey platform and music services enables TrackDrip to fast track its music streaming plans in 2019

Australian end-to-end B2B2C music streaming solution Tuned Global today announced it has recently signed an agreement with TrackDrip, an exclusive on-demand music streaming app that officially launched this month. The new music streaming app is dedicated to local artists; serving both audio, video and User Generated Content.

Suriname, a small country on the northeastern coast of South America, is the first launch market for TrackDrip. The diverse nation has a multitude of religions, languages and ethnicities. The people are proud of their local heritage and have a strong music affinity (especially urban).  

TrackDrip’s goal is to allow people in the Caribbean and Latin America to celebrate their own strong music culture through discovering a wealth of local music and popular artists. The TrackDrip catalogue also boasts music and artists from the Netherlands, Cuba and Curacao.

“Our in-depth understanding of the unique needs and consumption habits of our target audiences within the local music communities, in combination with the latest technology by Tuned Global, enables our TrackDrip application to grow at an accelerated pace and keep a mass-market approach to user acquisition in our territories,” said Phill Tevreden, Co-Founder of TrackDrip.

In terms of this collaboration, Tuned Global is implementing its full turnkey music app. A constant focus on Tuned Global’s technical innovation and support will allow TrackDrip to take advantage of a range of features, including support for Artist Generated Content, via video feeds and full support for video playlists outside standard audio streaming capabilities, both online and offline.

Con Raso, Managing Director, Tuned Global, said: “At our core, Tuned Global is focused on user engagement. We are excited to work with a vibrant company such as TrackDrip to help enable a better outcome for both users and artists.  Our ability to offer frontend and backend turnkey solutions for our clients enables them to invest in their users and content, rather than worrying about building apps.”