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Aussie Dream Employers exposed – and we’re a defensive bunch

Insync Surveys and RedBalloon discover who our Dream Employers are, and why, in 2011

Monday 19 September 2011: The police force and departments of defence are two of our top 20 Dream Employers, according to 7100 public votes in Australia and New Zealand’s largest public employer of choice survey.

In its second year, the Insync Surveys and RedBalloon Dream Employers Survey again saw Google take top spot on the winners list as the organisation most Aussies and Kiwis dream to work for.

But according to Insync Surveys CEO James Garriock, “The inclusion of the police force (12th) and departments of defence (16th) comes as a surprise after a year of negative publicity. The result indicates a shift towards more stable industries.

“Almost 60 per cent of people are attracted by the pay, benefits and conditions the armed forces offer. Training and development attracted 56 per cent of the vote, which is the mainstay of their advertising campaigns, and only 38 per cent are driven by personal interest,” Mr Garriock said.

"As for the police, the sense of vocation is a much more common reason for joining the force with 63 per cent of people nominating personal interest as the number one driver, with training and development taking 48 per cent of the vote.”

“The power of personal interest may explain why attraction has remained strong in the face of some poor publicity in the last 12 months,” Mr Garriock said.

NSW Police corporate services deputy commissioner Catherine Burn APM, said it’s not surprising the findings indicate a desire for people to do something of value in their career because “Modern policing is both challenging and rewarding...and a police career provides an opportunity for officers to feel a sense of pride, having contributed to the betterment of society.”

And when asked about the seemingly sudden uplift in people seeking careers in this field, deputy commissioner Burn indicated that participation in a range of recent TV programs has allowed the force to highlight the vast career options available “as well as the human side of policing that people may not have been aware of previously.”

“Each year NSW Police hold an open day at the Goulburn Police College - last year we had record attendance.”

According to Insync Surveys psychologist Jacinta Spedding, “People are attracted to the police and the defence forces for what they see as real opportunities for development, and are looking for organisations where they can be confident that their career will progress.”

“Training and development has been noted as a key motivator in this instance and this may be a driving force,” Ms Spedding said.

“The defence and police appear to have packaged what they can offer to the employee very effectively and employees are finding this very appealing.”

This view is backed by deputy commissioner Burn, who said police offers have the opportunity to move into specialty fields while simultaneously progressing their police career.

“Throughout a policing career there are advancement and up-skilling possibilities at various stages, as well as ongoing training and educational opportunities.

“Our organisation has grown in terms of capabilities, but also in terms of flexible working conditions and diversity, and I think this is appealing to many people, especially women or any person who is juggling family commitments.”

This is reflected in the data with women casting 54 per cent of votes for the police force, a contrast to the department of defence where males made up 82 per cent of the vote. It is clear that the police force are bridging the gender gap.

Afemale Detective Sergeant for the NSW Police (name withheld) joined the force in 1999 because she wasn’t interested in an office job, but sought a career where activities were changing and each day could present something new.

“I have had on-going training every year, from weapons, ammunition, advance driving and riot management, through to vast amounts of educational training,” the Detective Sergeant said.

“The police force is a steady and rewarding job with opportunities for career advancement. It’s nine-to-five, but an active job with shift work and a good starting pay.

“I never experienced any difficulties in the job related to being a woman – I don’t feel there is any discrimination at all against women and I have always had a fun and relaxing time moving up through the ranks and have always been given the opportunity to move in any direction I have wanted.

“Due to the higher intake and percentage of women in the force since I joined over 10 years ago, the anti-discrimination policy has become stricter and the ‘blokes’ culture, language and behaviour has changed to a much more professional manner.”

The top 20 Dream Employers as voted by the public were Google, gelf employed, Virgin Group, Qantas, Apple, Microsoft, OMD, Walt Disney, BHP Billiton, Getaway,
United Nations, police force, Vodafone, NASA, Rio Tinto, departments of defence, Commonwealth Bank, Cadbury, Facebook and Lonely Planet.

Also new to the list in 2011 are NASA, Rio Tinto, Cadbury and Facebook. Making way for these new additions are Sydney Water, Coca Cola, eBay, Salmat and ABC, who have all dropped from the top 20 this year.

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