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Aussie Flatmates Pick Their Battles

Australians Reveal the Top Sources of Conflict in Shared Homes

For Immediate Release 7 October 2010

Ever wondered what’s happening behind the front door of the average Australian share house? Are our shared homes domestic battlegrounds or a great way to reduce the cost of living and make friends?

Flatsharing website EasyRoommate recently surveyed its members on the topic of conflict in shared homes. The results were encouraging, with the majority of respondents (66.1 %) saying household conflict was resolved with fair and rational conversation. Only 6.1 per cent said that conflicts were usually dealt with by way of an argument. The old traditions of house meetings and notes left for flatmates are also alive and well, coming in second and third place behind fair and rational conversation.

As part of the survey, members were also asked to rank the biggest source of conflict in their shared homes from a list of nine options. Cleaning responsibilities came out as the top source of conflict, followed by bills and house party arrangements.

Although food sharing arrangements rated low on the conflict scale, 78.1 per cent of respondents still said they felt annoyed when a flatmate took food without asking. The majority of respondents indicated that food is routinely shared only sometimes (52.9%). Perhaps the reason food sharing conflicts didn’t rate more highly is that almost half of the respondents (47.2%) said an item of their food mysteriously disappears only once a month or less. That said, spare a thought for the 3.5 per cent of people who said they lose items of food on an almost daily basis!

Radek Dobrolecki, Director of EasyRoommate Australia, commented, “The results of this survey support our view that sharing a home is a fantastic way to save on costs and meet new people. It’s great to see those little conflicts are generally being resolved without hassle. Everyone seems to have one or two negative flatmate stories, but overall the feedback we receive from our members is that the flatsharing experience leads to cost savings, newfound friendships and fun experiences.”  

EasyRoommate Australia conducted a survey of its members in August 2010. A total of 724 people participated in the survey.

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