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Austech 2013: Prime opportunity to spread the word about your business

Melbourne, 12 December 2012 – From 7 to 10 May 2013, Australia’s production technology providers will once again be presenting machine tools, precision tools, sheetmetal technology, automation equipment and much more and demonstrate that manufacturing matters. Australian manufacturing is reshaping itself, albeit not without some pain, but it is important because of the strong connection between manufacturing and developing a knowledge-based economy.

Austech organiser AMTIL (Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited) is confident that Austech 2013, Australia’s premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool exhibition, co-hosted with National Manufacturing Week (NMW), offers an ideal platform to support the growth and performance of Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry.

“While we may no longer be competitive in mass production given the competition from low-wage economies, we can be competitive in development and design, smart ideas and high-tech products,” says Exhibition Director and AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti. “The last Austech exhibition in Sydney has shown that show attendees weren’t just window shopping but were looking for exactly those products and smart manufacturing techniques – and they were ready to purchase.”

More than 50% of visitors to the 2012 Austech exhibition reported to have found a particular product or solution to a manufacturing problem, and 36% say that they have made a purchase as a result of visiting the show. Together with NMW, Austech attracts more than 450 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors every year, 90% of which are decision makers with purchasing authority.

“The statistics show that local manufacturers still invest in new processes and technologies to maintain competitiveness,” Mr Infanti comments. “They need to think long term or face an uphill struggle to succeed.”

While nearly everyone came to see new products and get up to date with new technology, every third visitor regularly attends the show to network and make new business contacts. Last year, nearly 64% of tradeshow visitors report to have been successful in making new business contacts, which is vital in order to remain competitive today; Often, the difference between a successful and struggling business is by how diverse of a network they have.

“Tradeshows like Austech and NMW offer prime opportunities for networking, and generating new contacts while spreading the word about your business,” says Exhibition Manager Kim Warren. “Tradeshows can create connections that can potentially further your endeavours down the road by leaps and bounds.”

Thousands of industrial decision-makers have once again attended the last Austech exhibition in Sydney to get ideas and find ways to cut costs and get more work. More than 40% of visitors reported that they attend Australia’s premier machine tool and manufacturing exhibition regularly, while networking to connect with current and prospective customers was once again a prime reason to head into the exhibition centre for at least a day or two.

But even with the optimism experienced at Austech 2012, investing can be a risky undertaking. The risks can be significantly reduced, though, if manufacturers carefully think projects through and surround themselves with suppliers they really trust and that want to establish long-term partnerships for providing additional help and guidance, Mr Infanti emphasises. “It is important to preserve and assist our manufacturers.”

Austech 2013 will once again offer great networking opportunities for local and international manufacturers, in line with AMTIL’s motto: Connect – Inform – Grow.