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Australia's Best Butts Give Bushies Pause to Smile

As the long-running drought continues to dry up spirits in Queensland's North West, the 10th annual search for Australia's Best Butt has given communities doing it tough a break to forget their troubles.

This year's Australia's Best Butt Competition, held every April as part of the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival, attracted more than 100 entrants over the weekend (April 11 and 12), pitting them against each other in an outrageous battle of booty wiggling and bottom jiggling in a bid to secure the title.

President of the Dirt n Dust Festival, Stephen Malone said the tongue-in-cheek competition was a highlight on the weekend's program and would do a lot to boost the spirits of drought-affected communities right across the West.

"It's a silly thing to ask people to line up on a stage and shake their butts for 3,000 strangers, but people go nuts for it," said Mr Malone.

"There's always a few new moves we haven't seen before and it never fails to make the crowd laugh. It may seem a trivial thing but when times are as tough as they have been, a good chuckle and night out with a few blokes in the same boat can give people the positivity boost they need to keep on weathering tough times."

This year's Australia's Best Butt competition was won by Cloncurry's Aimie Athorn, 18, and Townsville's John Gray, 26, who were both taking their first crack at the title.

Ms Athorn said her win was totally unexpected.

"I really didn't think I was in with a chance, but I wanted to make the most of my time at the Dirt n Dust Festival, so gave it a shot. It's pretty thrilling to be named the winner; I just tried to shake it nice and smoothly to the music and the tactic paid off," said Ms Athorn.

Mr Gray, on the other hand, turned to social media for inspiration in his Best Butt performance.

"There's a lot of 'Do you squat, bro?' memes popping upon my Facebook newsfeed lately and I figured that from behind a deep squat might show off my assets nicely," said Mr Gray.

"I'm very proud to be named Australia's Best Butt; I'm going to wear my winner's shirt every day for the next year," he joked.

Ms Athorn and Mr Gray beat 102 other hopefuls, over two night to take out the crown.

High resolution photos are available for download here: http://bit.ly/1oWYGgl