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Australia's Best Butts Named

The nation's best backsides were uncovered at the annual Australia's Best Butt Competition in Julia Creek last night (Saturday, April 21, 2012).

Nathan Young, 19, from Townsville and Saskia Smith, 26, from Mount Isa shook their booties into the record books by winning over a 3,500-strong crowd at the 18th annual Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival.

The Australia's Best Butt Competition (ABB), now in its eighth year, pits bum against bum in a test of manoeuvrability, personality and crowd-pleasing ability. The mantra -- 'it's not about the size, but how you move it'.

According to Mr Young, a lot of hard work and training goes into refining a winning ABB performance.

"It's been a long, tough road to get here tonight," joked Mr Young.

"I've spent a year under the mentorship of my three brothers. We've all put in hour-long training sessions after work each day, so that my butt would be as toned and as flexible as the crowd saw here tonight."

However, Miss Smith proved that raw talent and some excited nerves can also go a long way in winning the ABB finals.

"I entered the heat on Friday night as a double dare and really wasn't expecting to last long," said Miss Smith.

"I was stunned to get through to the final and put in a little bit of practice with my friends beforehand to perfect the old 'bend and snap' technique from Legally Blonde.

"I don't think my life will change too much now that I’m the reigning ABB champ, but I will be celebrating with friends and family anyway," Miss Smith said.

ABB organiser Margie Ryder said the Competition was as popular as ever.

"We had a lot of early enquiries this year and there was some disappointment that we couldn’t hold heats in Mount Isa, Brisbane and Sydney as we'd hoped," said Mrs Ryder.

"We'll definitely be looking to make the ABB heat tour bigger and better in 2013."

The Australia's Best Butt is judged by the level of the crowd's cheers. All entrants must be over 18 and be wearing jeans or long shorts.