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Australian Barista Champion Selected This Weekend

- Winner announced approximately 5pm on Sunday March 3, 2013 (at the Melbourne Showgrounds) -

Media Release - Thursday February 28, 2013

The state rounds of the AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) coffee competitions are complete with the Australian champions being decided this weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds, in the industry's most recognised national event during the commencement of Melbourne's Food and Wine Festival.

With the World Barista Championship (WBC) being hosted in Melbourne this May, the 2013 competition season has seen the re-emergence of some of Australia’s most skilled baristas out of competition retirement as they all vie to represent Australia.

In looking at all the state winners, the Australian competition will no doubt be the most exciting competition that the specialty coffee community has seen in its history.

This weekend will decide 2013 national champions in the categories of:
- Detpak Australian Barista Champion
- Pura Australian Latte Art Champion
- AASCA Brewers Cup Champion
- AASCA Cup Tasting Champion
- DaVinci Australian Coffee-Chain Champion, winner qualifies for the open heats of the Australian Barista Championship.

The Australian coffee championships not only showcase the high standard of coffee that Australian roasters are producing, they are a platform for recognising the barista as a serious profession with previous winners fast tracking their careers and branching out in specialty coffee industry.

"It's becoming more common to see our Australian champions, inspired by their winning experience and representing our nation at the prestigious world events, move into roasting and even venturing into cafe businesses of their own", says Craig Dickson, AASCA president.

"Their in-depth knowledge of coffee, the industry as well as their reputation will contribute to carrying the success of a business", he says.

"And that ultimately results in better coffee for coffee drinkers, which is one of the reasons that AASCA exists".

About the 2013 season* Barista Championship winners, state by state:
(*note each season refers to the year of that national final - in some instances the state competitions were held in the previous calendar year)

SOUTH AUSTRALIA, September 14 & 15, 2012
Mike Wells (First Pour Adelaide/Veneziano Coffee Roasters)
Mike's success in previous competition seasons:
-Placed 7th in Australia in 2012
-Placed 2nd in SA in 2012 (also 2nd in SA Latte Art)
-Placed 3rd in SA in 2011

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, November 3 & 4, 2012
Juliana Nobre (Five Senses)
Juliana's success in previous competition seasons:
-Competed in Australia in 2012
-Placed 1st in WA in 2012

QUEENSLAND, November 18, 2012
Tim Adams (TIm Adams Specialty Coffee)
Tim's success in previous competition seasons:
-Placed 1st in QLD in 2010
-Placed 13th in World in 2009
-Placed 1st in Australia in 2009
-Placed 1st in QLD in 2009

NEW SOUTH WALES, December 1 & 2, 2012
Hazel de los Reyes (Coffee Alchemy)
Hazel's success in previous competition seasons:
-Competed in the World in 2005
-Placed 1st in Australia in 2005
-Placed 1st in NSW in 2005 (also won Cup Tasting Australia 2006)

Sasa Sestic (Ona Coffee)
Sasa's success in previous competition seasons:
-Placed 1st in ACT in 2011
-Placed 1st in ACT in 2010

VICTORIA, February 2 & 3, 2013
Caleb Podhaczky (Five Senses)
Caleb's success in previous competition seasons:
-Competed in Australia in 2011
-Placed first in VIC in 2011
-Competed in Australia in 2010
-Placed first in VIC in 2010

TASMANIA, February 16, 2013
Will Priestly (Pilgrim Coffee)
Will's success in previous competition seasons:
-Placed 2nd in Australia in 2012
-Placed 1st in TAS in 2012
-Placed 3rd in Australia in 2011
-Placed 4th in VIC in 2011
-Placed 2nd in the World Latte Art in 2010
-Placed first in Australia in Latte Art in 2010
-Placed first in VIC in Latte Art in 2010

About AASCA:  The AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) was founded in 2001 by a group of very passionate coffee professionals. AASCA is a not-for-profit, whole-of-industry association, registered under Federal legislation for Australia-wide coverage. The association has over 10 categories of membership and is open to anyone who is interested in specialty coffee. AASCA has formal links to both the American Specialty Coffee Association and the European Specialty Coffee Association.

Current President: Craig Dickson



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