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Australian data storage specialist predicts data storage boom in Korea

Asia/Pacific StorageVision 2003 Conference, Grand Inter-continental Hotel, Seoul October 24, 2003

SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned data storage specialist, a speaker and exhibitor at Asia/Pacific StorageVision 2003 predicts exponential growth for data storage products in the Korean market.
During 2002-03 SLI-Consulting enjoyed continuous organic growth of 80 per cent (up from 69 per cent in previous years) with 71 per cent of its revenue base is currently derived from the Korean market.
According to SLI-Consultings Principal IT&T Consultant, Jos Goldmann, We are about to enter a new era for data storage in Korea. Industries that have not traditionally been big technology consumers are starting to realise the quality of their output will be compromised without advanced data storage solutions.
Korea, like leading technologically-advanced countries such as the US, is generating vast quantities of data which must be stored to comply with tough corporate governance legislation. Indeed Koreas excellent broadband infrastructure means data content is generated faster than most organisations can efficiently store at present.
Certain Korean companies must now store ALL data - whatever the size of the data volume for seven years, Mr Goldmann continued. This is putting enormous pressure on existing data storage networks which are proving themselves unable to cope with the task.
Additionally the growth in global investment into security related industries is fuelling the need for storage of surveillance images.
Consequently there is tremendous growth opportunity for the data storage industry in Korea, particularly in Internet Data Centres (IDC), broadcasting, post-production, security and surveillance, Mr Goldmann concluded.
About SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd
Founded in 1996, SLI-Consulting is a dedicated data storage consultancy that addresses all platform, service and management issues. The company is a private, 100% Australian owned company, with OEM relationships in Europe, Asia and North America.
SLI-Consultings growing client base, which spans Japan and Germany, is focused on the Asia Pacific, with a subsidiary office in Korea.