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Australian Executive Coach Featured Alongside World Renowned Thought Leaders Deepak Chopra and Dr Joe Dispenza

The Surprising And Misunderstood Resource That's Needed To Lift The Haze Of 2020

Ashley Good is on Mindful Media’s curated list of 20 mindful thought leaders guiding the world into a better 2021.

Noosa North Shore, Queensland–16 February 2021 –Master coach and mentor for business-minded trailblazers and executives, Ashley Good has been featured on Mindful Media's curated list of 20 mindful thought leaders. Chosen for their diverse array of services to pave the way for a better 2021, the list includes well-known mindful thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Joe Dispenza.


“For many people, 2021 doesn’t feel like it’s really started yet," said Ashley, Founder of Ashley Good Coaching and Consulting. "There’s a lingering residue from 2020 that even the most successful high achievers are experiencing in one way or another, either at an individual level or with the people they’re working with. The mindful path is the way through this, but “mindful” is not what most people think it is.” 


Ashley is the go-to coach and mentor for conscious and driven business owners and senior executives who have already achieved traditional success and are ready to explore different operating system and open to new strategies.


Ashley offers one-to-one coaching for qualified applicants and is currently taking expressions of interest for her ‘Superpod’ program which will bring 4-6 success minded individuals together in a collaborative and co-created coaching program beginning in June 2021. In the meantime, Ashley has created a free, fun and easy 28-day mindfulness challenge to help prospective clients make a series of small shifts that will help them feel the benefits of mindfulness in action.


For more information about Ashley visit https://ashleygood.com  or email ashley@ashleygood.com.


About Ashley Good


Ashley is an official member of the Forbes Coaching Council, a regular contributing writer for Forbes, and the author of KISS Your Business and the upcoming book and program Activate Superpower. Featured as the pioneer coach in the first season of the Binge Networks digital television series Commando Coach, she is highly regarded in the coaching community.


Ashley has worked with Business Breakthroughs International (a Tony Robbins company); ActionCOACH, the leading and largest Business Coaching Franchise in the world, and Robbins Research International where she was a Peak Performance Results Coach for the clients of Tony Robbins. Her clients include multi-award-winning Creatives, Authors, multi-national Business Owners, C-level Executives, Marketing Directors, Spiritual Leaders, Hoteliers, and Doctors.



Name: Ashley Good

Phone: +61 (0) 432 317 518

Email: ashley@ashleygood.com

Website: https://ashleygood.com