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Australian First for the Dairy Industry

Milk Exchange launches Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange

Continuing a series of firsts for the Australian dairy industry Milk Exchange today launched Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange, a new and more effective means of trading milk and dairy products. 

The introduction of Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange has redefined the buying and selling of milk and dairy products in a digital age to provide a faster, smarter, simpler and more efficient way to trade milk and dairy products. 

Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange offers the convenience of a 24/7 online platform to buy and sell all milk and dairy products with the ease to ‘click to contract”. 

Since October 2019, Milk Exchange has offered trading of Farm Milk. With the introduction of Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange, trading now extends to all milk and dairy products by providing a trading platform for milk suppliers, dairy and food companies, wholesalers, traders, distributors and retailers. 

Milk Exchange also offers a range of optional services to support buyers and sellers in optimising their end to end supply chain. 

Milk Exchange Chairman David Green says “Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange is designed to make the process of buying and selling milk and dairy products simpler, secure and less costly to the benefit of the industry as a whole.” 

“It’s a three click process for dairy buyers and sellers to nominate their buy and sell requirements; accept that offer or make a counter-offer; and with the final click, the trade is accepted under standard terms and conditions. Three clicks its done: simpler, faster and smarter.” 

The use of standardised terms and conditions and a standard Milk Exchange contract avoids horse-trading and expensive and time-consuming legal processes.” 

Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange will be an increasingly important part of the dairy supply chain, using simple processes, efficient technology and remote access capability that links all dairy buyers and sellers and offering optional milk services to get the job done. 

Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange utilises the same Microsoft software solution used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. In doing so Dairy Trades @ Milk Exchange is able to provide the strength of Microsoft’s secure cloud-based solution which allows access to the Milk Exchange portal remotely and via mobile apps. In this way, Milk Exchange is building “on the go” flexibility, driving further cost and time savings. 

“Secure remote access for buyers and sellers means they never miss an opportunity to access what is on offer, accept an offer, place an offer, make a bid or rebid on a live offer. We are also working towards direct connectivity for data transfer and ownership tracking and will consult with users of the Milk Exchange to make sure we fully understand their needs.” Mr Green said. 

Over the next 12 months the Milk Exchange will introduce additional features to assist the dairy industry to manage its risk and further increase efficiency. 

Since launching the platform in October 2019, the Milk Exchange been an incredible success handling almost 100 million litres of farm milk with more than 500 farmers and food companies registered to trade.