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Australian Skincare paving the way for conscious beauty with palm oil and cruelty-free certifications

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, Butt Naked is made by Aussie women with a purpose to not harm the environment or its animals throughout their sourcing, creating and manufacturing processes.

Each product is designed to enrich your skin with the highest quality ingredients and essential nutrients, ensuring nourishment, hydration and all ‘round good vibes for you and your skin without harming the planet in any way. 

With the belief in being kinder from paw print to footprint, Butt Naked is proud to boast products free from animal-derived ingredients and palm oil. Due to the harmful effects caused by the deforestation and production of palm oil, and in turn to Orangutan habitats, Butt Naked has alway been a palm oil free zone but has now officially become certified palm oil free by The Orangutan Alliance. 

Instead of using palm oil or a sustainable palm oil (there’s still no guarantee it’s being sourced in an ethical way), Butt Naked opts to use coconut oil and brassica oil to mimic the effect of traditional palm oil, both of which are 100% pure and natural. 

The main push to become officially certified comes from Butt Naked’s desire to be completely transparent with consumers on how a product is made to what it’s packaged in, providing a more conscious and ethical way of shopping for skincare. 

By labelling themselves as palm oil free, this company can help to raise awareness of the alarming issues facing the environment and its inhabitants due to unsustainable palm oil production whilst at the same time promoting ethical alternatives. 

The love for furry friends and the need to do right by them in all aspects drives Butt Naked so much so that they also donate 5% of all profits to the Melbourne no-kill animal shelter, Save-A-Dog Scheme. 

Butt Naked products are available on The Iconic, at select David Jones stores or online at buttnakedbody.com.au.