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Avoid Construction Costs.

Identify the Right Builder For Your Project

In his e-book, The 9 Laws for Successful Construction Giovanni Silanesu of Inspired Constructions, Pools & Landscaping Pty Ltd. emphasizes the importance of a reliable and suitable contractor. He strongly recommends considering the following:

·        * Does the builder/contractor agree with the process you have gone through and is there a system which will accommodate the information and  design outlined above?

·        * How does the contractor schedule / plan the construction process? Is there a documented plan as to the sequencing of works and deliveries    for the project?

* Has the builder given you documentation, including itemised pricing, supporting the cost for the project?

Top Tip: Go back to the estimator who completed the concept estimate and get a detailed bill of quantities. This will provide you with an  accurate cost for the project. This will allow for the most accurate assessment of the different prices you receive, as the builders will be  quoting on the exact same items.

* Is the builder/contractor suitably qualified and registered with the relevant authorities? To cover yourself against any potential damages and liabilities:


o       Check each contractors insurances and licenses.

o       Investigate what trade associations they belong to.

o       Do they they have current workers compensation insurance to protect employees working on-site?

Some contractors are exempt from this insurance if they employ labour from casual or temporary agencies, in which case you should check your obligations.


Has the builder/contractor had any disputes or issue infringements under their licence category? This information is kept by the regulating    authority in your state. You can use a builder’s licence number to search for any previous disputes. Use this link to check the  builder/contractor’s licence: http://www.bsa.qld.gov.au/OnLineSearch/EnterLicenseeSearch.aspx


Has the builder/contractor earned testimonials or references from past clients? Will the builder/contractor allow you to contact these references to conduct a reference check?


Checking references is an essential part of the construction process. If possible, you should arrange to visit some previous projects to assess the craftsmanship and work quality.


Final Tip: Do not hesitate to ask previous clients questions about the contractor. Investigate the contractor’s financial past and credit history. This is a good way of avoiding surprises in the future!