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Barracuda launches Firewall Insights, extends its leadership in Secure SD-WAN

New advanced analytics platform provides actionable insights on security, application performance, and connectivity

Sydney — 14 June 2019 – Barracuda, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced the introduction of Barracuda Firewall Insights. Firewall Insights is an advanced security analytics platform that ingests, aggregates and analyses data automatically from any Barracuda CloudGen Firewall deployed in an organisation’s network, including public cloud deployments.
To keep their organisations secure and connected, IT professionals need to continuously assess the effectiveness of their security measures and WAN performance. But with so much data coming from so many places in a variety of formats, this can be a time consuming, manual process. Barracuda Firewall Insights automates these challenging tasks.
With Barracuda Firewall Insights, customers have access to:
  • Actionable insights for the entire network — This includes dynamic availability information on SD-WAN connections, transport data, security, as well as web and network traffic details.
  • Automated capabilities — Barracuda Firewall Insights help customers to schedule, gather, consolidate and analyse data produced by all Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances deployed in an organisation’s network, gaining valuable insight.
  • Customisable reports — All reports are customisable for individual timeframes and can include all or just a subset of the deployed firewalls.
“By automating the complex processes of consolidating and analysing the vast amount of data available across an extended WAN, Barracuda Firewall Insights helps IT administrators save time, while making it easy to keep their systems optimised and secure,” said Klaus Gheri, VP, Network Security, Barracuda. “We want to help customers streamline network management and security operations.”
“Operating a dispersed wide area network with hundreds to thousands of next-generation firewalls requires a centralised reporting and analytics solution,” said Christian Ueblbacher, Head of Security Solutions, Kapsch BusinessCom AG.
Barracuda Firewall Insights can be added to any CloudGen Firewall deployment option – hardware appliances, virtual appliances and cloud firewalls for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.
Learn more about Barracuda Firewall Insights, now available for Barracuda CloudGen Firewall: https://www.barracuda.com/firewall-insights
Get information about Barracuda CloudGen Firewall: https://www.barracuda.com/products/cloudgenfirewall
Read the blog post: http://cuda.co/35754
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