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Be Stylish and Sustainably Conscious in the Kitchen – with the help of CREAM Collection Aprons

‘Home cooking’ has quickly risen to become one of the most popular activities throughout the COVID-19 crisis, but whilst we’re spending more time in the kitchen being creative, are we making sure we look the part?

Hospitality workwear brand, CREAM Collection, usually supplies its 100% organic cotton apparel to some of the best known chefs in Australia but is now offering all home cooks the opportunity to look and feel like a ‘rockstar’ chef at home.

One of CREAM’s most popular products is the ‘on trend’ denim ‘Japanese Apron’ which is also available in other colour tones. Designed and made in Australia with generous front pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and an easy tie at the back, the apron allows you to comfortably cook, bake and experiment at home – and would make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

With millions of people all around the world sharing their culinary efforts online, from complete novices to aspiring cooks and renowned chefs stuck in their #QuarantineKitchen, Pam Burnett, founder of CREAM Collection believes everyone should ‘look the part’ in the kitchen and wear a beautifully designed apron to inspire their creativity and ensure they keep clean and hygienic whilst cooking.

Pam comments: “Like any uniform, as soon as you dress the part, you feel more confident and motivated to do more! Regardless of your culinary skills, we want everyone to be inspired to try new recipes, test their experimental foodie skills and have fun in the kitchen.”

Recently the iconic cooking program, MasterChef started its 12th season and, as a result, people are feeling inspired to get creative in the kitchen and create ‘at-home’ dining experiences for their loved ones. During the current restrictions and lockdowns, most people are not dining out and spending 24/7 hours at home, so Pam and her team are determined to bring some sense of ‘style’ into people’s lives by encouraging them to keep clean, look great and enjoy the fun of cooking.

CREAM Collection is dedicated to providing sustainable hospitality apparel while also ensuring products are made ethically. Sourcing organic materials, including 100% organic cotton, makes products biodegradable, and also minimises their carbon footprint. The effort for comfort and sustainability ensures CREAM’s customers can live and breathe wearing the best quality kitchen apparel without feeling the heat of the kitchen and without making a negative environmental impact due to their clothing choices.

CREAM provides products to some of the best-known chefs and restaurants in Australia including Danielle Alvarez (FREDS), Francesco Manuelli (MODE), Daniel Puskas (Sixpenny), Alanna Sapwell (ARC Dining and Matt Stone (Oakridge Wines).

Amy, a CREAM customer said: “I wear gym clothes when I workout, so why shouldn’t I wear my apron when I’m baking? I love to get messy and creative in the kitchen and wearing my CREAM Collection apron always inspires me to spend hours there”.

The Japanese Apron is priced at $56.99 and available to buy online at https://www.creamcollection.com.au/collections/aprons/products/apron-japanese-100-organic-denim-with-simple-size-adjustable-tie-at-back

For more information, please contact: Emma Kirkaldy @ CRE8IVE on T: 0406 025 771 or emma.kirkaldy@c8.com.au