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Beam e-scooters launch in Auckland Wed 5 Feb

“It’s all about safety”

Beam e-scooters launch in Auckland

“It’s all about safety” 

Auckland, Wednesday,  February 5th 

Beam Mobility officially launched its e-scooter service in Auckland with the introduction of the Beam Safe Academy, a program designed to teach first-time riders safe and responsible e-scooter use.  

The program, a first for the region, has been co-designed between Beam and qualified training provider, Rider Skills to provide local e-scooter instruction tailored to the Auckland environment.

Beam Vice President of Corporate Affairs Christopher Hilton said that Beam Safe Academy would help to ensure that e-scooters users and other road users are safe.

“Our goal has always been to make every trip as safe as possible - the Beam Safe Academy allows us to focus in on the very first trip and provide even more support to make that ride a safe one. “

In addition to the Beam Safe Academy the company has also introduced its next-generation e-scooter the Beam Saturn to the streets of Auckland. This custom built-sharing scooter is the safest and most vigorously tested shared scooter on the ground in New Zealand.

“The Beam Saturn has undergone hundreds of thousands of hours of testing to ensure that it can stand up to the rigours of the sharing environment. It has an innovative dual-braking system, an aircraft-grade aluminium frame and 10-inch high endurance safety tires all designed with rider safety in mind.”

Beam also leads the industry in rider-protection by providing the only rider insurance in New Zealand. 

“We are the only e-scooter provider that covers its riders with an accident insurance policy and we know from the high rate of ACC claims that this is an issue in New Zealand '' Mr Hilton concluded. 

The Launch will kick off to the public at 10 am with free food and giveaways. Members of the public can trial the Beam Saturn e-scooter on the test track, will be provided with free credits to get started with the service and can ask advice from the qualified trainers. 

The MoreFM Street crew will be on-site handing out free Beam Credits and participating in other giveaways and promotions. 


Media contacts: If arriving on site on Wednesday please contact Adam Rossetto. +64 211 278 600 

Adam Rossetto

Community Manager

+64 211 278 600


Chris Hilton

Vice President Corporate Affairs 

+65 9025 3593


Brad Kitschke

Head of Public Affairs (ANZ)

+61 4023 809 630