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Termites: Winter Gives Little Respite, Warns Pest Control Pro


Termites: Winter Gives Little Respite, Warns Pest Control Pro

Termites: they’re one of Australia’s most pressing pest control problems, and they cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. As householders, we’re inclined to notice them during the summer months, but Lee Maddocks, owner of Richards Pest Control in Upper Coomera, warns that termites aren’t just a seasonal phenomenon.

Your Home as a Termite Habitat

Termites do respond to the cold, says Mr. Maddocks. Like us, they aren’t too keen on chilly weather and are inclined to be less active. However, the deeper they go, the better insulated the environment, and in natural conditions, that’s how they’d cope with the colder season.

There’s just one problem: since we don’t like the cold either, we provide ourselves with warm, well-insulated living spaces, and it’s just as comfy for the termites as it is for us. At the same time, we’re less likely to see termite activity above ground, so though the termites are still busy, we’re lulled into a false sense of security. 

Still Breeding Despite the Season

In cold winters, everything tends to slow down, and the same is true of termite egg-laying. But in warmer climates, egg-laying continues almost unabated during the winter. So, despite the season, termites in warm parts of the country are still not only eating but also breeding and multiplying. In the temperate zones, egg-laying may stop during the colder months, but feeding will continue. 

However, with so many people seeing termites as a purely summer phenomenon, and with limited above-ground activity keeping termites out of sight, it’s easy for them to be out of mind too. Meanwhile, the colonies continue to expand.

Worrying Solves Nothing

While the idea of termites devouring our homes is certainly alarming, Mr. Maddocks is eager to put fears to rest. “Worrying doesn’t solve anything,” he says. “At Richards Pest Control, we don’t use scare tactics. However, we do recommend a common-sense approach. Regular termite inspections are a must, and if an inspection is carried out, it can pick up termite problems early on, allowing us to treat the infestation before there’s any major damage.”

The bottom line? “Track your termite inspection dates and be sure to stick to the recommended schedule,” says Mr. Maddocks. “If you can’t remember when that was, chances are it was too long ago. We can perform winter inspections, so there’s no need to delay any longer.”

For more information on all things pest control and ridding your home of unwanted guest including termites or to learn more about how Richards Pest Control can keep your home properly maintained, visit the Best Pest Control In Gold Coast & Tweed | Richards Pest Control or call Lee and his team for a no obligation quotation on (07) 5533 9512.

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