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Sydney, 5 November 2019: BluGlass, the global leader in remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) technology for the manufacture of high-performance semiconductor devices, is targeting a new global market for its technology: high-performance laser diodes. 

The company is setting up a new business unit that will be managed by Brad Siskavich out of BluGlass’ US office. Mr Siskavich has over 20 years of experience in laser diode business management. 

BluGlass estimates the GaN laser diode market segment to be worth US$658 million by 2025. The company will focus initially on industrial laser diodes and has an initial target market share of 6-10% by 2025, equivalent to between US$40 million and US$65 million. 

“BluGlass is entering the global laser diode market as a result of our success in demonstrating tunnel junctions as a building block for high-performance, cascade LEDs. Our proprietary RPCVD technology has compelling advantages to drive performance and cost improvements for the GaN laser diode market,” said BluGlass Managing Director, Giles Bourne. “LEDs and laser diodes are, in their physics and material growth, very similar, which allows us to accelerate our entry into this new market space without diluting our activities on other RPCVD applications.

“Under Brad Siskavich’s leadership, this new business will capitalise on the credibility of our tunnel junction research published early this year, the commissioning of the first of two additional wafer fabrication machines at our Sydney facility in June, and the opening of our new laboratories, also in Sydney, in August.” 

High-performance GaN laser diodes are used in a number of applications that include industrial lasers (cutting and welding), automotive, displays, and life sciences. They are also used in specialist applications that include R&D and government applications. 

“This new business stream fits well within our existing strategy of commercialising the competitive advantages of the RPCVD technology to maximise returns,” said Brad Siskavich. “This customisable, end-to-end approach will enable BluGlass to generate significant revenue in this high-value market and build a leadership position in the manufacture of novel GaN laser diodes.”

BluGlass’ patented RPCVD platform and unique tunnel junction capabilities offer laser diode manufacturers a number of performance and cost advantages over the industry incumbent technology. Benefits includes higher performing devices, reduced optical loss, and productivity and cost improvements.

BluGlass is developing GaN laser diode prototypes and expects to deliver its first laser diode products in calendar year 2020, with significant revenue growth from calendar year 2021.


About BluGlass


BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) is a global leader in the commercialisation of new technology for the manufacture of LED semiconductors and other devices.


BluGlass has invented new manufacturing processes based on its patented Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) technology to grow semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) and indium gallium nitride (InGaN), substances that are crucial to the production of high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other photoelectronic devices. These LEDs can be used in a variety of high-performance applications that include next-generation vehicle lighting, virtual reality systems, device screens, and power electronics applications.


BluGlass’ RPCVD manufacturing process offers benefits over existing alternatives: it’s cooler, uses chemicals less hazardous to the environment, delivers LEDs that are brighter across a broader spectrum, is lower-cost, can be used in a variety of semiconductor manufacturing options, can be scaled, and can be used to replace existing LED and silicon manufacturing devices. 


BluGlass was spun off from Macquarie University in 2005 and listed in 2006.

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