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BOVA successfully resolves proceedings against NexGen Pharma, Corry, Davidson & others


Bova Compounding is pleased to announce that it has successfully resolved the proceedings it commenced against NexGen Pharma, Mr Alexander Corry (former Head Pharmacist at Bova), Mr Brett Davidson (former Sales and Marketing Manager at Bova) and others.


In addition to a financial settlement in favour of Bova orders have been entered continuing the restraints against the Defendants so as to restraining them, (for a period of 4 years) from exploiting Bova Compounding's:


A.    price lists,

B.    client lists,

C.     formulation lists,

D.    top selling product lists;

E.     historical list of client purchases; and

F.     supplier purchase prices;

We are thankful to our many loyal customers who have continued to support us through this process, which resulted in a positive outcome for Bova Compounding and its customers.


Nick Bova

Managing Director