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BPAY Group appoints Brittany Kury as new Head of Product

BPAY Group has appointed Brittany Kury to the Head of Product role, an internal promotion for the former Senior Brand and Marketing Manager.


Kury will be responsible for the creation, implementation and tracking of the BPAY and Osko product roadmap.


The role also acts as the chair of the BPAY Scheme Product Committee, a cross industry group that provides input into BPAY’s product strategy and support of the rollout of major product improvements, new features or new product development.


“I’m thrilled to be able to bring my experience to this role,” said Ms Kury. “I want to continue our culture of driving customer led innovations to ensure the ongoing success of the BPAY Group products. From my background in marketing and the use of customer data and insights, I plan to bring a different perspective to our team of fantastic product specialists.


“This new role provides me the opportunity to work on market leading products that customers love, and work with the Product & Experience team and our financial institutions members to ensure we go from strength to strength to maintain our privileged position,” she adds.


With close to 10 years’ experience leading marketing, brand and advertising, Kury led the brand and product marketing for BPAY and the first fast payments brand, Osko. She also managed partnership marketing with over 165 Financial Institutions and 60,000 businesses.


“Throughout my time at BPAY Group, I have been able to grow my skills and career at this amazing organisation across multiple disciplines, and it’s testament to the strength of the culture generated by the Leadership Team,” she added.


Keith Brown, General Manager of Product, Scheme and Business Development at BPAY Group, said, “Brittany is passionate about building a team of talented people with diverse skills, experiences, and points of view that can ensure our products continue to drive the BPAY Group strategy, and I’m delighted that she has been appointed to this exciting role.”


She holds a Master of Marketing from University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication) from UNSW and is also a current scholar of the Marketing Academy Australia.



About BPAY Group

BPAY Group was launched in 2017 as the parent company to BPAY and our growing family of businesses. Our brands include BPAY, Osko® and Sypht. For over 20 years, BPAY has created great payment experiences in tune with Australians. Throughout our evolution, we have focused on continuing innovation from our unique position in Australia’s financial services industry. We’re the brains behind some important Australian firsts – like our flagship BPAY bill payments system and Osko, the faster way to pay. Our purpose is to ‘make life simpler’.

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