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Brain Training Program Encourages Participants To Think Like Someone Who Is Prosperous

Renowned for her award winning book ‘Unzip The Fat Suit Using Your Mind,’ and the jaw dropping weight loss success of her student Trish Walker, hypnotherapist and self proclaimed ‘potentialist’ is expanding on her ever growing Mind Potential Centre with a new program that aims to re wire the stigma surrounding money and the way that individuals relate to it.

A recent study completed by John Hopkins University published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement on brain training which discovered that you can boost your brain power with the right type of focused training. Thus proving that the brain is an ever mouldable item which can be influenced and wired in different ways. Maggie believes that if you can expand on your basic skill set, you can rewire the brain to think differently about money.

Maggie utilises the psychological concept of the subconscious mind as a foundation for the program. This works on the belief that 10% of our thoughts and feelings are experienced within the conscious mind while the bulk of our habits and thoughts are contained below the surface with 90% occurring within the subconscious.

The Money and You Brain Training Program is a 12 week intensive which has been created by one of Australia’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists specialising in reprogramming and rewiring of critical thinking patterns.The concept is a progressive online learning space revolutionising learning and self empowerment. The suite contains 12 unique modules with some of the topics including ‘Clearing Fundamental Blocks’, ‘Clearing past money miss-takes’ and ‘The Prosperous Me’. Each module is then broken down further with segments leading up to the final meditation technique.

Targeting the hardwiring of the subconscious, and activating what is essentially a complete overhaul of the hurdles and blocks people experience is the foundation of the program.

“It’s these held back moments that block people from moving forward and reaching their full potential alongside the money attitudes in their life,” says Maggie Wilde who is a leading educator in her field.

The program has been trialled on 48 people, with each participant learning how to alter their relationship with money. The program requires an investment, which for many can be seen as the saving grace with the amount saved through readjusting beliefs and influences about money.

“Participants in the trial were guided through step by step strategies which target the fear of failure and the conflicting fear of success. Essentially, the participants worked to rewire beliefs that limit their earning capacity, to reprogram doubts and strengthen the neural networks that stimulate helpful thinking patterns and possibilities.”

Participant Bev McQuaker is a strong advocate for the program saying “Wow I am enough, I am worthy and I value myself. I am excited to bring down walls that have been there for 50 years!”

Maggie has noticed strong positive results from her participants “In addition to tangible financial results, participants also experienced emotional wellness. They began to feel equipped to manage financial documents, discuss money as well as the confidence to ask for discounts, pay rises and bonuses."

For more information, please visit www.mindpotentialacademy.com.