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Brice and Tecnoeka a Great Victorian partnership

Melbourne, Australia October 2020 Brice Australia is a well-known distributor of highly sought after catering equipment and commercial kitchen equipment for Australia’s food preparation and hospitality industries. Brice has recently partnered with Tecnoeka to bring innovative oven appliances to the Victorian market.

Technoeka is a well known Italian company that produces a large range of commercial ovens with leading smart features. Built 100% in Italy for the busy commercial kitchen and food preparation facility, Technoeka prides itself on incorporating the latest technological features so that chefs can focus on perfecting their cook every time.

The ovens are multi-oriented and can program up to hundreds of recipes, so each cook is completed in accordance with the chef’s specific requirements without having to remember the cooking parameters. The settings can be easily programmed and set for the cooking operation as required. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and other integration features, the Technoeka oven range is ready for use in the commercial setting.

With many products available, Technoeka offers patented technology to convert time-consuming cooking operations into easy activities without delays or high preparation costs. Here is a selection of products available through Brice Australia.

1.       Millennial Touch Screen Cooking: This high-performance oven with state-of-the-art features offers chefs and restaurant operators complete control over their cooking operations. The three new patented technological innovations Airflowlogic, Humilogic, and Drylogic allow the achievement of optimal cooking uniformity and complete regulation of the level of moisture inside the cooking chamber. A new automatic washing system is a standard feature of Millennial ovens, saving up to 30% of the usual water consumption. Millennial ovens can be connected via Wi-Fi to update a wide selection of 500 programmable recipes and there are 42 languages to choose from.

2.       Millennial Touch Screen Bakery & Pastry: Available in a range of sizes, imagine baking all your dishes at the same time across multiple trays, heated evenly by controllable fans distributed across the height of the oven? Setting up to 500 recipes with ease and as quickly as possible is now a reality with the electric or gas combi ovens. Stop cooking in the dark ages and look toward this revolutionary oven that offers more than cooking a single item. You will be able to satisfy all your production needs without having to re-engineer the cooking process. Technoeka have thought of all possibilities with this highly sophisticated and intelligent commercial kitchen companion.

3.       Evolution Snack: For the patisserie, café, corner shop or other eatery where space is limited, the Evolution Snack has been designed to heat up precooked meals and prepare small snacks without difficulty. Its compact size, with strong performance and diverse operability, offers little encumbrances and low energy usage. Prepare meals quickly, always soft and tasty thanks to the humidification function through a single-touch button that allows you to customize all types of cooking. Your customers and guests will be pleased with comforting food that tastes as if it was prepared only moments ago.

Why settle for anything else? Brice have partnered with Technoeka so that the Victorian commercial kitchens, food venues and local eateries do not miss out on offering their food in a well-prepared manner.

About Brice Australia

Brice Australia, established in 1939, is a well known distributor of commercial food equipment sourced from the best manufacturers throughout the world. Brice partners with commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers who are pioneers in developing innovative kitchen appliance solutions.

Brice stock slicers, food processing equipment, mixers, meat processing equipment, light kitchen equipment, ovens, grills, manual wrappers, vacuum packers, weighing scales and access control systems. All products have been crafted to achieve maximum benefit to the user to help minimise downtime, improve productivity and satisfy common operational requirements.

Not only does Brice distribute best-in-class food equipment, they also pride themselves on their dedicated service. For reputable and long-lasting commercial kitchen equipment, consider Brice Australia.