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Brisbane dad tackles US Baby Market with world-first earmuff range

Brisbane entrepreneur Daniel Gibney has already made his mark on the Australian, UK, Canadian and Asian markets with his one-of-a-kind earmuffs for babies but he’s now embarking on his biggest challenge to date – the lucrative US Market.

Daniel will be showcasing the highly successful Em’s for Bubs range of earmuffs that protect the hearing of babies aged up to 18 months from loud noises at the upcoming ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas from 10-13 October.

“There are over four million babies born in the United States every year so the US poses a massive potential market for Em’s 4 Bubs, even if we can capture a small percentage of that market,” says Daniel.

“We’re also hoping to make US parents aware of the importance of protecting their children's hearing. With the largest concentration of speedways and drag racing venues anywhere in the world, the US has a lot of kids that face the very real possibility of damaged hearing before they reach school age.”

Daniel has already made an impact in Australian and overseas markets with the product with the first line of Em’s 4 Bubs selling out in just two weeks. The product has developed a strong following in Australia, the UK, Canada and some parts of Asia and has been sold in over 30 countries around the world.

Despite the current economic doom and gloom in the US, Daniel says this is the perfect time to introduce Em’s 4 Bubs products to the market at the Las Vegas Kids Expo.

“History has shown time and time again that great companies have their origins in tough times,” he says.

“Yes, times are a bit rough now, but they will eventually improve and if we can get ourselves into the market and make our presence known; then we have a great platform for future growth as things start to pick up.”

Daniel designed the Em’s 4 Bubs range to protect babies from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) which is now recognised by the World Health Organisation as a devastating disability that is 100% preventable.

Weighing just 100grams the earmuffs are made from high quality, lightweight thermoplastic and feature two shells that fully encase the ears safely and a material headband that gently keeps them secure.