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Brisbane PropTech Startup Adds Value for Buyers, Sellers and Investors

Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, 26 May 2020 – PropTech startup TrueMarket wants to take the guesswork out of property transactions for buyers, sellers and investors by making professional e-valuations a mainstream consumer service. The company offers customised online property assessments completed by fully qualified valuation experts. Informed by property-specific metrics and market research, the e-valuation reports provide objective sale price assessments, rental estimates, sales comparisons and risk profiling.


TrueMarket valuers use a range of online and mobile technologies, including user video uploads, digital imagery, verified house/unit plans and satellite mapping to complete virtual property viewings. These innovations allow the e-valuations to be based on a visual inspection of customers’ properties while expediting the assessment process and significantly reducing report costs. The e-valuations are designed to assist clients with property negotiations and sales decisions. From an investor standpoint, the reports are also suitable for capital gains tax assessments and self-managed super fund reporting requirements.


Company director Julian Chapman developed the concept after working in the property valuation industry for more than fifteen years. ‘I was completing these property reports for banks, who relied on our assessments for their own due diligence and thought that they could also be a useful information resource for buyers and sellers in pre-contractual negotiations’. He says that after many conversations with friends and associates, the market demand for the service was clear. ‘Prior to TrueMarket, if a consumer wanted to obtain property price information, they either had to rely on the word of a real estate agent or use generic online appraisal tools, which lack any real accuracy or reliability.’ Alternatively, ordering a formal property valuation was expensive and time-consuming. This is where Mr Chapman saw an opportunity to transform the service and make it appealing to consumers. He says the focus of TrueMarket is to ‘provide fast, low-cost property assessments that are accurate, informative and objective.’ Delivering on this goal, the company offer their e-valuations for just $149 and strive for same-day report delivery.


Whilst the service is currently only available in the Greater Brisbane region, the company’s mission is to provide greater transparency in real estate dealings across Australia. Accordingly, TrueMarket is planning to expand to other regional centres and capital cities as demand grows. Head to www.truemarket.com.au for more information about the service and to download a sample report.


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