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Brisbane’s Eighth Kokoda Challenge Community Event is Here!

We'd love to have you there

The Kokoda Challenge is coming back to Brisbane for the eighth year, with over 4000 individuals attending the team based endurance bush walking event is set to be more successful than everdesigned to keep the Kokoda spirit of Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice alive.

It is not a race, it’s about getting to the finish line as a solid team; teams go through some of Brisbane’s toughest terrain in 15km, 30km or 48km distance events, carrying all of their own food, water and supplies. There is a 20 hour limit on the 48km distance, event closing 2am Sunday 3rd.

“The stories, emotions and atmosphere of a Kokoda Challenge event is unlike anything else,” eighth time Brisbane participant. 

We recommend being at the 7:00am or 8:00am start line and/or finish line during the day, interviewing participants, volunteers and support crews. 

Many are back as regular Kokodians, a lot are using this event as a training opportunity for our 96km event on the Gold Coast on 14th July, there are family teams, corporate teams, school teams, kids at the age of 10 to elderly participants over 50. 

There are people walking for their battle against cancer, for their ancestors who fought in WWII, for their desire to help local youth - bringing together the entire community.

All event proceeds fund our Kokoda Challenge Youth Program, changing lives of 50+ local teens a year from all backgrounds and circumstances, from high achievers to those who are disengaged and at-risk. The 14-month program involves physical endurance, community service, team building and a funded trip to Papua New Guinea to complete the real Kokoda Track and volunteer in local villages. Starting in 2004, these kids are known as ‘Kokoda Kids’.


Saturday June 2nd 2018

Brookfield Showgrounds, 550 Brookfield Road, Brookfield QLD 4069

  • 5:30am – Registration opens for participants

  • 6:45am – Official opening by our founder, bugler player and VIP guest introductions

  • 7:00am – 48km distance start (680 participants/148 teams)

  • 7:45am – Second opening by our founder, bugler player and VIP guest introductions

  • 8:00am – 15km and 30km distance start (1240 participants/280 teams)

  • 10:00am – first competitors through the finish line

  • 1:00pm-3:00pm – most competitors will come through the finish line, particularly schools

  • 2am Sunday - last competitors will come through the finish line, event closes


Attending and available for interviews:

  • 1920+ Challenge Participants:

    • 310 registered school teams (4 kids + 1 teacher per team)

    • 117 registered open public teams (teams of 2, 3 or 4)

  • 100+ Volunteers

  • Local councillors and spectators (Including MP Kate Richards and MP Jane Prentice)

  • Doug Henderson OAM and his wife Anna, founders of the Kokoda Youth Foundation and Kokoda Challenge

  • A 2011 Kokoda Kid who will be the MC of the event

  • A 2004 Inaugural Kokoda Kid who is now one of our Youth Leaders and Board Members

  • 2018 Kokoda Kids (50) competing in the 48km event and 2017 Kokoda Kids (50) volunteering  -  A colourful group of kids in our 14 month Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. They have incredible stories of change from our program: Afghanistan refugee working full time on top of school to get by, Congo refugee who lives in a house with 8 siblings, Aboriginal girl living in a boarding house who fled from a town of crime with dreams of more, an A+ academic and a high achiever chasing challenges outside their comfort zone and more!

Watch last year’s event here


It would be great if you could advise us of your attendance. On arrival, make your way to the ‘Information Tent’.

For more information or to RSVP contact:

Media Manager, Naomi Mullen on 0468 845 700, media@kokodachallenge.com (on leave May 17-27)

Or Event Manager, Jo Parker on 0424 955 332, eventmanager@kokodachallenge.com