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Broca Consultancy helps your business succeed using automation technology

Many small to medium businesses think automation is complex and does not apply to them. But using automation technology is far more accessible than you think, and might unlock the key to business scalability, increasing productivity and profitability.

Broca Consultancy Services was started because the founders saw that Kiwi businesses had so much untapped potential that automation technology could unlock. And they’ve been helping businesses succeed ever since.

Who are Broca Consultancy?

Broca’s area is a part of the brain that deals with processing speech and language. When this part of the brain is damaged, the individual knows what they want to say, but the pathway to produce the correct words is broken and they cannot articulate or express themselves.

In a similar way, the founders of Broca Consultancy saw a parallel with business. The business owner knew what they wanted, but there was a gap between the visualised result and the current business trajectory. Increased costs and compliance, a competitive landscape and tough economic conditions meant the owner struggled to get from A to B. This is where Broca Consultancy and business automation come in.

Step back and focus on your business

It is difficult being a SME owner in NZ. Often, owners are heavily invested in the day to day running of the business. When you’re IN the business, when do you take the time to work ON the business?

Broca Consultancy help you to remove the noise, step back, and see the big picture. We work with you to identify the big challenges you face; whether it’s conflicting priorities, a lack of qualitative data that means you don’t know where or how you’re losing (or making) money, or a chaotic business process.

We work together to design a business process that works for you. It removes waste and defects, creating a seamless process. We identify where you can utilise robotics automation, and re-engineer a process to give you the best results in the shortest time.

What is robotics process automation?

RPA, or robotics process automation, is technology that is designed to mimic the actions of a human being. RPA uses software bots that are installed in the cloud or on desktop and is programmed to follow a set of rules as defined by the user or process owner. In a business, this basically applies to a wide variety of processes and tasks that humans do with a computer. There are eight wastes that RPA can assist a business to eliminate.

Defects: Every business has problems with accuracy of data entry or capture. These mistakes can be costly and time consuming to resolve, as well as give a negative experience to customers. RPA takes away the risk of error.

Over production: A business will always have peaks, troughs, and bottlenecks. But these can result in periods of overproduction. RPA irons out the processes to streamline production.

Waiting: If there is one part of a business process that continually holds the process up, this can introduce significant delays to outputs. Especially if there’s high dependency on that action, it can lead to huge business challenges. RPA identifies the problems and helps to remove the dependency and thereby, the wait time.

Unused potential: Are you, or your amazing staff, stuck doing data entry, answering phones, and running around doing tasks that are a waste of potential? RPA means regular, monotonous tasks are automated, freeing people up to contribute much more valuable work.

Transportation: Do you know where your files are stored? Do you spend time looking for information? RPA automates the process of business storage, so there’s a logical flow and no wasted time looking for information and files.

Inventory: Often the pain point for many businesses, end-to-end stock and inventory processes take away the problems. No guesswork, no losses, just accurate inventory management.

Motion: Emails and phone calls are not the most productive way of communicating information. RPA allows for easy, painless, and highly efficient communication and information exchange.

Extra processing: There are many places in a business where there is replication of information. This slows systems down and adds no value. RPA means a logical flow of data processing with no replication of processes. 
It doesn’t have to cost the earth

When discussing automation, many business owners think that they need to invest huge amounts of money on bulky software packages. But that is rarely the case. In fact, you may already have the software you need to implement automation. Even within the Microsoft ecosystem, there are huge amounts of functionality available.

Broca aim to provide good ROI for our customers. Most pay back their investment within six to 18 months, not only making them far more profitable in the long term, but far more competitive in their market.

NZ businesses are, on average, four years behind their international counterparts in terms of technology use. In that timeframe, there are huge increases in the functionality and abilities of software. It’s time for you, and your business, to step up to success. That gap between your current business and where you want it to be can be bridged with RPA technology, and Broca Consultancy.

With a combination of business skills and in-depth knowledge of automation software, Broca can help your business eliminate problems, maximise efficiencies and put you on the path to success. Contact us today to find out where to start.