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Premium, natural baby skincare for the most sensitive of newborn skin

Bubba Organics is proud to partner with the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA), who supports Bubba Organics’ naturally soothing alternative for little ones suffering discomfort associated with eczema.

The EAA provides consumers and members with valuable knowledge and first-hand experience on how to manage and treat eczema, with advice and support across a wide range of issues, from diet and irritants to clothing and managing stress.

Quote attributable to Kerri & Mel, Co-Founders of Bubba Organics:

“We are thrilled that our premium Australian made & owned baby-care brand is now a proud supporter of the EAA. We created our 100% natural range to offer families a gentle, soothing & effective natural solution for extra-sensitive skin, over the medicated, chemical based choices that are out there in the market. At Bubba HQ, we are over-whelmed & humbled by the positive feedback received by mums telling us that our products are a ‘miracle cream’ for their families.”

Quote attributable to Cheryl Talent, President Eczema Association of Australasia Inc

“As an eczema sufferer myself, I find using skin sensitive products such as Bubba Organics can help to manage my condition more effectively.”

A testimonial from a relieved Mum & Bubba:

“I, first of all, wanted to say thank you so much for making an amazing product that changes lives. That might sound a bit dramatic, but really, it is true.

See, my little boy has had skin issues his whole life. Dry skin, eczema, allergies and irritations. The RCH allergy clinic recommended products and we have just bumbled through, trying 1000 different cream to try and manage it.

Just under a year ago, on the recommendation of a beautician, I bought a bottle of your Goats Milk Moisture Lotion and we went about the business of twice daily moisturising, honestly not expecting too much to change but hoping that he would get relief for a period of time.

Within days, he had stopped itching, he was not scratching himself red raw and his eczema patches and cracked skin seemed to be healing. Brilliant we thought, but let’s see how long it lasts. The bottle finished and I set out to find more local stockists to keep my boy in constant supply.

Well, two weeks ago, I ran out again and my local stockist had too. No bother I thought, I will just get another cream. We have not had an incident all year, he is basically cured right? Will just get another and we will carry on. Well I was WRONG!

Within a week, I noticed scratching, his behaviour deteriorated at school, his skin was red raw in patches and his skin continued to be scaly and dry. This new cream was one we had used before, is also a natural product and gets great reviews.

So back we went to Bubba Organics, and honestly, my Husband and I could not believe the difference. Since using the Goats Milk Moisture Lotion his skin has been perfect, no itches, no eczema, no scratching himself raw. It was not just a bad patch he was going through. We change his moisturiser and his skin reacted. We changed back and his skin healed itself. You guys make an AMAZING product. It is incredible, and it is brilliant and it helps my little guy not be miserable.

So, thank you thank you thank you, from two very relieved parents.”


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For more information, imagery or interviews contact:

Kerri Chadwick, Bubba Organics P: 0400987788 | E: kerri@bubbaorganics.com.au

Lindsay Spencer, Bubba Organics P: 0409409931 | E: marketing@bubbaorganics.com.au



Since its launch in early 2016, Bubba Organics has been providing Australian families with truly natural skincare products. Committed to be a brand that parents can trust – an ethically produced, Australian made skincare line genuine about transparency. Nothing hidden or harmful, just the very finest naturally sourced ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and suitability for extra-sensitive skin. Bubba Organics is an ECO award-winning brand and a respected name in natural baby skincare. 

Bubba Organics is not only a proudly Australian owned and made brand, but all products are manufactured in Victoria, supporting our local business partners at every angle.

A ‘think globally, act locally’ approach that continues to resonate well with the brands discerning customer.

Bubba Organics is:

·       Australian Made & Owned ®

·       A proud supporter of the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc

·       Australian Allergy Certified ®

·       Australian Certified Toxic-Free

·       Made Safe Non-Toxic Certified

·       Vegan Friendly Certified

·       Cruelty-Free Certified