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A new website to help you find the perfect partner these holidays – by building your own!


SYDNEY, DECEMBER 2, 2008  --Gemini Division has launched a new website that allows users to build the perfect partner for Christmas including gender, personality type and physical attributes.  Since launching last week, thousands of ‘SIMs’ - or perfect dates - have been created.


When users logon to www.geminidivision.net.authey can build a hot-date or soul-mate, complete with attributes that they’ve always wanted in a partner.


Users can also ‘create a date for a mate’ to send through to a friend, giving them a not so subtle hint.


There is also a Facebook application where users can upload their perfect partner’s profile, which, of course, let’s people know the kind of person they’re looking for!


Earlier this year, Mount Isa Mayor John Maloney incensed women across Australia with a suggestion that "with five blokes to every girl, may I suggest that beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa."  His comments may not reflect that of a politically correct society, but the dating game has skewed.


It’s a growing trend and recent studies on sociological behavior have revealed that people are less and less likely to meet their perfect partner – especially over the age of 40.


Luckily there’s now an answer to getting exactly what you want this Christmas. The site allows users to select a gender, personality type, customise physical attributes, and order optional extras for their cyber-fantasy including ‘high-intensity domestic training’ or ‘hopeless romantic’. Users can also create a name for their ultimate partner, or have the website select one for them, which has a random name generator that makes most people’s ‘porn names’ look hopelessly outclassed.


The website expands on the concept of the bio-engineered Simulant; man-made humans with attributes that are ‘too good to be true’ that star in the 56-episode multi-platform digital series, Gemini Division, starring Rosario Dawson.


The website can be viewed at www.geminidivision.net.au